Unlocking Dreams: Spellman Scholarships for Young Athletes

Spellman Scholarships

Les Spellman, having spent six years dedicated to fine tuning the skills of 56 Olympic and 47 NFL athletes, realized the importance of nurturing the youth community at the grassroots level. Our mission is to pour into our developing young athletes and witness the key moments of their early achievements. 

Returning to San Diego, we are committed to providing scholarships for young athletes to train at our performance center. Our goal is to foster their growth, instill the values of dedication and perseverance, and help them accomplish personal achievements as they develop throughout their athletic journey. We're on this mission because we want to witness the excitement of those early wins and special milestones in an athlete's journey. 

Join us in making these moments of greatness possible for the next generation of athletes. Together, we'll shape a brighter future for sports and the young stars who are just beginning to shine.


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