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After-School Coached Drop-In Rides | Navajo Nation | Gallup

Please consider a donation to support the Silver Stallion (@Silverstallionbicyclecoffee), a small nonprofit 501(c)3 bike shop/coffeeshop located on the edge of the Navajo reservation in Gallup, NM with a mission to develop bicycle infrastructure for the Navajo Nation.

This 2023 Giving Tuesday we’re raising $12,800 for the next year 2023 after-school DEVO/CLUB ride program and MTB instructors. Your contribution will directly support our goal to empower youth ridership on and around the Navajo Nation by supporting a vital piece of the puzzle.

Currently we have 6 total after-school DEVO CLUB programs in partnership with the Gallup McKinley Co. School system as well as Gallup public charter and private schools that served over 125 student riders and  coaches.

Our instructors are an essential part of everything we do, and they make it possible to safely and adequately support and host events across Dinétah and the surrounding communities. 

Thank you on behalf of everyone involved!

– The Stallion Crew


Updates on program developments and partnerships:  


Silver Stallion Bikes has been instrumental in establishing a total of 10 regional Outride Riding For Focus middle school P.E. programs including 5 in McKinley County:

Rehoboth Christian School (2018)

Hozho Academy (2019) 

DEAP School (2021)

Six Directions Indigenous School (2022)

Tohatchi (2023)

National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) 

Silver Stallion Bikes has started two regional middle and high school NICA teams:  

Gallup Composite (2018) 

Diné Composite (2019) 

New Mexico Interscholastic Cycling League (NMICL)

Scott Nydam currently is Director of Development with NMICL is one of three NMICL Chairpersons responsible for establishing the League (2022)

Mobile Ride Center

Silver Stallion Bikes, with the help of New Mexico ORD Outdoor Equity Fund and Southwest Indian Foundation, developed a Mobile Ride Center – Free Bike Repair program that has provided over 1000 bike repairs at a total of 24 events in 13 differnent regional communities (2020 to present)

Park Tool School

Silver Stallion Bikes has established itself as a Park Tool School bike mechanic resource location here in Gallup, NM (2021)


Silver Stallion Bikes has began the first of what is now six GMCS, Private and Charter Middle School and afterschool DEVO/CLUB Ride programs serving 100+ participants in Thoreau, Crownpoint, Tohatchi and Navajo, as well as an additional 20-25 students at Rehoboth Christian School and Hozho Academy (2020 to present)

Free Bikes 4 Kidz

Silver Stallion Bikes partnered with Free Bikes 4 Kidz – New Mexico that has currently provided over 250 free bike distributions to regional youth and adult program participants (2021 to present)

Project Bike Tech

Silver Stallion Bikes partnered to establish one of New Mexico’s first high school Project Bike Tech (PBT) bike mechanic programs again at Rehoboth Christian School. 

List of National, Regional and Local Partners

Free Bikes 4 Kidz





Project Bike Tech

Rehoboth Christian School 

DEAP Charter School

Six Direction Indigenous School

Hozho Academy

IHS School Health Promotions

Tsehootsooi Wellness Center

Wings of America

Durango Cyclery

Gallup Trails

Adventure Gallup & Beyond

Previous 2020-2021 campaign:

-Mobile Ride Center: One Free Bike Repair event per week throughout the months of February to May 2021 (target goal of 480 repairs).

-Bicycle mechanic training & education

-4-6 paid mechanics at each event

-Coaching for two eight-week DEVO riding programs over the Spring and Summer for 5 groups (total of 35 kids) across the Navajo Nation and in Gallup.

-Expansion of trail systems

We thank you for our support and collaboration benefiting the Navajo Nation. Creating sustainable programs for wellness is incredibly important for the Navajo Nation and the youth we are supporting. We are creating a pathway for health and wellness that is fun and engaging for everyone in the community.

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Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!