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Helping 50,000 Young Adults Secure a Compelling Future

Educational differences between low-income learners and their more affluent peers, continuously echoes in Texas. For historically underrepresented youth, achievement gaps starting from college access, and ranging to college completion, widen exponentially over time. 

If this continues, Texas risks endangering the future economic prosperity and overall quality of life for its communities. Thus, it is imperative that we work towards decreasing drop-out rates and increasing the number of students obtaining credentials that will allow them to transition to full-time employment in careers that offer sustainable pathways to economic independence.

For many low-income learners, who are often first-generation Americans, the college journey is a messy mixture of outward adjustments and inward isolation. As students go through a maze of financial hurdles, academic decisions, and an avalanche of new experiences, the value of a college degree comes into question.  Often these students find themselves stuck between two worlds - each with competing narratives. Do they cling to the realities of their everyday home culture, riddled with basic uncertainties, an unfavorable political environment, and family obligations, or do they plunge into the promises of a college education?

To better empower learners to make informed decisions and navigate the maze that is school, work, and life, a strong ecosystem of support must be designed and implemented to streamline a post-secondary pathway to a meaningful credential. With your assistance UFCS can be that ecosystem. 

For every $400 given we will support one young adult in ensuring a compelling future. 

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!