WGEP presents: Ndajee 2023

Women's Global Education Project's annual benefit for girls' education in rural Senegal and Kenya

Ndajee (en-DAH-jee) means "get together" in Wolof, and every year the Women's Global Education Project community comes together to celebrate girls' education, and raise $240,000 to support our organization's continued growth. This year, the in-person benefit will be onĀ May 22nd, 2023 at Bronzeville Winery in Chicago. Whether you attend in-person or support us from around the globe, we hope you'll make an online donation to help us reach our fundraising goal. Here's a snapshot of how your donation can change the lives of the women and girls in our programs:

  • $5,000 supports reproductive health workshops for middle school students
  • $2,500 provides a classroom of girls with comprehensive school scholarships
  • $1,000 provides 8 high school students with girl-led leadership training and development.
  • $500 helps 10 girls transition into adolescence without FGM/c.
  • $350 supports one girl with a comprehensive school scholarship for 2023.
  • $100 supports one year of adult literacy classes for 5 mothers. When mothers learn to read, write, and manage their household finances, they can better support their daughters' education!
  • $50 provides 10 students with culturally-sensitive storybooks to improve their literacy skills and increase their love of reading!

Thank you for joining us in this vital work!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!