“You matter! Yes you do!”

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Your donation matters. Here’s one reason why.

Recently, Teaching Artist Melissa Sallée was getting ready to head out after a residency session at a local therapeutic school. Melissa goes weekly and works with students and educators, integrating art and social emotional learning activities into the curriculum. 

As she went to leave, a student stopped her, and said…“Wait, wait! Before you go, we need to finish with the words you always say to us.”

The students went to work, drawing and writing on the classroom SmartBoard. When they were finished, they revealed a message for Melissa, one she’d shared with them every other session, but today, they wanted to make sure she felt those words from them.

They wrote…“You matter! Yes you do!”

This work is about building empathy, understanding, creative expression, community. And we couldn’t do it without the incredible teaching artists, educators, and students who do this work. And, we can’t do it without you! Your donation matters and keeps us in these classrooms, doing this work with these students.

You matter. This work matters. These kids matter. Art matters. Inclusion matters.

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!