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Turn your next Zoom event into a fundraiser.

No fees.

Make an impact during your OnZoom event, whether it's a yoga class, virtual workshop, or a 15,000-person conference. Rally your attendees to donate to your favorite nonprofits. Learn more below.

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Support over 2 million nonprofits around the world

In-platform donations

Donate before & after events directly from OnZoom

No processing fees

100% of all donations go to verified nonprofits

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How it works

Three steps to create your OnZoom fundraiser

1. Select nonprofit

While creating your OnZoom event, navigate to the Fundraising section and select one of over 2 million nonprofits in the Pledge database to create your fundraiser.

2. Publish your event

OnZoom attendees can make donations before, during, and after the event directly from your OnZoom event page or their ticket dashboard.

3. Activate virtual overlay

Once your OnZoom event has been created, you'll receive email instructions to activate your virtual donation overlay to rally donations during your event.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I raise funds for anyone?
Donations can be made to over 2 million nonprofits in the Pledge database, including all US 501(c)(3) ‘public charities’ in good standing with the IRS, as well as qualified charitable organizations in 90 countries around the world. We expect to roll out crowdfunding capabilities enabling donations to individuals in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Are there any processing fees?
Absolutely none! Zoom will cover credit card processing fees so that 100% of donations made through OnZoom will be distributed to verified nonprofits. There is an optional tip you can leave to support Pledge in its mission to provide this free service to Zoom users.

See more at OnZoom FAQs

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Raised over $100K in only 30 minutes during their first livestream gala, almost double what they had raised at a previous event.

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