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Pledge’s API has everything developers need to build charitable giving and fundraising into your user experience. Together we’re Powering Generosity.

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Our APIs

Donate API

Process micro-donations for mega impact.

Simplified Billing

Collecting micro-donations for causes you care about? We can process that. Donations are batched to limit fees, ensuring that more of the money raised gets to the charity.

Automatic Reporting

Keep informed with automatic tax receipts and monitor giving trends in our reporting Impact Hub.

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American Red Cross Donation Form Photo


Embeddable donation forms make it simple to raise money for nonprofits or personal causes.

Nonprofit Fundraising

Search the millions of verified nonprofits in our system to find your perfect match.


Raise money for a personal cause like medical bills, honeymoons, or college funds through our crowdfunding capabilities. If you are interested in crowdfunding, contact us.

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“Cameo Cares will make it even easier for fans and talent to come together, affect change, and raise funds for causes close to their hearts. We’re happy to invest in a more substantial, longer-term platform to enable charitable giving year-round, and we’re excited that our partnership with Pledge will give us even more insight into how folks give back on Cameo.”

Pledge API

  • 5% of donations processed
  • Applicable transaction fees of 2.9% + $0.30 for credit card or 0.8% ($5 cap) for ACH apply.

  • End-user access to our nonprofit search engine

    • Nonprofit name

    • Unique identifier

    • Nonprofit EIN or Charity ID

    • Nonprofit address

    • Specific cause name

    • Custom Pledge URL

    • Nonprofit’s logo

    • Mission statement

    • Website address

    • Exact location

  • Email support available

  • Embeddable charity search widget (view demo)

To get started, create an account and select the Integrations tab through your Impact Hub.

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