Virtual events

Add donations to your next virtual livestream event.

Make an impact for good during your next virtual event, whether it’s a birthday party, happy hour, or a fundraising concert hosted on Zoom. Display a live donation tracker for all your guests and viewers to see and inspire immediate donations through Text to Donate.

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Multi-channel donation experience used across all platforms, including:


Virtual event overlay

Virtual donation overlay

Engage virtual event attendees with an interactive donation experience

Support nonprofits around the world through your next virtual event, no need to meet IRL. Engage your attendees with interactive fundraising features in our virtual donation overlay. Showcase your impact in real-time during your livestream event displaying a donation tracker with total dollars raised, live donor feed, and donation call to action.

Fundraise during virtual events, perfect for:

🥳   Birthday parties   🍼   Baby showers   🎊   Charity galas   🎤   Concerts   💼   Corporate events   ⚱️   Memorials   ⛪   Religious services   🤗   Reunions   📚   School fundraisers   💒   Weddings

  • Multi-platform:
    Engage your audience on Zoom, Twitch, YouTube, or any platform that allows for a virtual camera experience

  • Pop-up donation feed:
    Give shout outs to individual supporters with a donation feed that gets updated in real time during your virtual event

  • Interactive:
    Show your audience a donation tracker that gets updated in real-time, and display a donation call to action that donors can access easily through their phones

  • Increase impact:
    Displaying donations in real-time compels viewers to join the campaign, with 3x the impact made compared to a static donation link

  • Free text-to-donate keyword:
    Activate mobile giving and make donations easy for attendees, two clicks via Apple Pay / Google Pay

Zoom integration

Zoom integration New

Turn any virtual Zoom event into a fundraiser

Pledge and Zoom have partnered to give Zoom users the ability to turn any virtual event into a fundraiser for 2+ million nonprofits around the world. Create a fundraiser with our native integration with Zoom’s new events ticketing platform, OnZoom. With our virtual donation overlay, showcase your impact in real-time during your Zoom event.

  • Zoom: Fundraise for nonprofits directly from the OnZoom platform.

  • Display up-to-the-minute total dollars raised and a real-time donor feed

  • Show your audience a donation ticker that gets updated in real-time, and provide recognition to donations made during your event

  • Track all donation activity in a real-time account dashboard

Evite donations

Turn your invitation into a fundraiser

Give back to any nonprofit or crowdfund for a personal cause without leaving your invitation. With our Evite integration, hosts and donors can make an impact with their events, whether they are in-person or virtual.

  • Nonprofit fundraising in lieu of gifts at your birthday party or any other life event

  • Personal crowdfunding to contribute to honeymoon funds, babyshower gifts, health expenses, and more

  • Guests can donate before, during, or after the event, or even if they can’t make it

  • Guests can send hosts impact gifts via donations

Partner spotlight

See how organizations like SVPLA are defining virtual fundraising events.

About the campaign

Social Venture Partners

Social Venture Partners engaged Pledge to power its first-ever virtual fundraiser during the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was hosted on Zoom and featured text-to-donate and the Pledge virtual camera overlay to support ten nonprofits. SVP LA exceeded its initial goal by 5x, raising more money than they have ever raised, with far fewer attendees than their usual in-person event.

Social Venture Partners

“The Pledge overlay was fantastic. It was easy for our live event producer to set up, install, and “turn on” the overlay when needed. We had a modest goal of raising $20,000 [...] Having the overlay, plus our goal, plus the partner match made it so exciting for the attendees to see the amount donated increase in real-time on the screen. In the end, we far exceeded our goal and, the combination of Pledge donations and offline donations, we raised over $130k! Before this experience, we weren’t sure how a virtual event would be received. Now, we’re trying to justify ever going back to an in-person event.”

Yolanda Enoch, Administrative Coordinator, SVP
Yolanda Enoch
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