Pledge x Instil: New Partnership for Seamless CRM Fundraising

August 9, 2022

Most nonprofit founders are incredibly passionate about the mission for which they choose to start their organization, but they are rarely experts in technology, let alone donor cultivation, engagement, or retention. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to nonprofit CRM’s or fundraising platforms is that they are too complicated, too expensive, and often disjointed so that you need to have different platforms for different needs with messy data processes in between. If you’re not familiar with a CRM, that stands for Customer Relationship Management, which is typically the main internal technology to manage all the nonprofit’s data.

We believe that tech for nonprofits should be simple and clear, so that you can focus more on the work of making the world a better place, and less on navigating complex software.

That’s why Pledge is excited to announce our new partnership and integration with Instil for an all-in-one donor management & fundraising solution 🎉

Instil’s purpose-built platform holistically manages donors, members, volunteers, advocates and beneficiaries to foster nonprofit connections with their community. They offer simple supporter profiles, community and relationship management, task management, intelligent reporting and much more.

And now, thanks to joining forces with Pledge, Instil users can create beautiful fundraiser pages or website donation forms with a few simple clicks without ever leaving their main donor management portal. It’s perfect for special projects or ongoing donor appeals that are both marketing-ready and mobile-friendly!

Here are some of the exciting Pledge features you can now use directly in Instil:

😃 Donation forms and fundraiser pages

  • Easily create and publish in minutes
  • Customize with images, video, & your unique impact details
  • Track all the data in your dashboard
  • Instant tax-receipts sent to all donors

💁🏻‍♀️ Simple sharing options for multiple communication touch points

  • Social media
  • Text-to-Donate
  • QR Code
  • Copy/paste embed code for donation forms on your website

💸 Multiple payment options accepted

  • Credit cards
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

You can organize your campaigns based on projects or messaging, easily share across all your communication channels, and engage new donors for a virtuous giving cycle. You’ll have countless marketing opportunities in minutes.

If you’re looking for a primary holistic platform to grow your internal team right alongside your donor acquisition and fundraising, get an Instil demo with the Pledge integration included.

Got your basic platform needs covered? That’s ok, you can just start your fundraiser now directly with Pledge.