New PledgeCam Feature - Video Filters ๐Ÿ‘‘

January 12, 2022

Making an impact has never been more engaging! Add an element of fun with our new video filters for PledgeCam to display during your next livestream fundraising event. This can be used in so many different ways, from grabbing their attention during your introduction, celebrating when a major donation is made to, or closing out your event in style - truly, the opportunities are endless.


  • To get started, simply make sure you have the newest version of PledgeCam installed.
  • Within the app, select โ€œShow Video Featuresโ€ โ†’

  • Make sure video filters are set to on โ†’

  • Select which features you would like to add to your camera - you can add features from all three categories (hats, glasses, looks) at the same time, resulting in over 700+ combinations of filters โ†’

  • You can remove filters by using the ? symbol or changing the Video Filter Status to โ€œFilter Offโ€