Your March Cause Calendar 2024 🗓️

February 29, 2024

Hello, March! 👋 With a new season coming near, this is a fresh opportunity to make a difference, whether it's through your business, as a changemaker, or through your nonprofit… we’ve got all the causes that are recognized this month listed here & even provide a year-long ‘Cause Calendar’ to help you guide and plan for the months ahead.

Download Your Full 2024 Cause Calendar Here

Causes to Support in March ♀️

📅 Women’s History Month: A celebration highlighting women's contributions throughout history, coinciding with International Women’s Day on March 8th. Show support by donating to organizations such as Global Fund for Women, ACLU, Equality Now, and Girls Inc.

📚National Reading Month: Inspire people of all ages across America to indulge in daily reading and enjoy all the benefits that literacy & education offer. Donate to Room to Read, Read Ahead & Kids Need to Read.

🧡Developmental Disability Month: Through presidential proclamation, this month we celebrate individuals with disabilities and recognize the barriers they still face in achieving full inclusion and self-determination. Support organizations such as the New Direction for People with Disabilities, Center for Disabilities & the Arc Montgomery County,

🐅 World Wildlife Day (3/3): A day to celebrate the diversity of wildlife and raise awareness about its significance and the threats it faces. Support conservation efforts through organizations like the African Wildlife Foundation, Oceana, and the World Wildlife Fund.

🔌 Global Day of Unplugging (3/3): This worldwide event prompts reflection on healthy tech habits, aiming to promote mental well-being and reduce screen time. Join the cause by supporting the initiative through the Global Day of Unplugging Organization.

♀️ International Women’s Day (3/8): A global celebration of women's achievements and a call to action for gender equality. Show your support for organizations such as Chamber of Mothers, Global Fund for Women, Women’s Empowerment International, and Set Up Women’s Network.

🩺 World Kidney Day (3/9): The World Kidney Day Steering Committee has declared 2024 as the year of "Kidney Health for All." It's a day to raise awareness about kidney health and reduce the impact of kidney disease worldwide. Support organizations such as the American Kidney Fund & the National Kidney Foundation.

♻️ Global Recycling Day (3/18): A day to recognize the importance of recycling in preserving resources and securing the planet's future. Support sustainability through organizations like Plastic Oceans International, Clean Oceans International, and Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund.

🌍 International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination (3/21): A day to celebrate human unity and diversity, addressing racial inequalities. Support organizations such as Trayvon Martin Foundation, United Negro College Foundation, and NAACP.

🌳 International Day of Forests (3/ 21): A day to raise awareness of the importance of forests and trees. Support preservation efforts through organizations like American Forests, Save the Redwoods League, and Trees for the Future, Inc.

💧 World Water Day (3/22): An observance focusing on the importance of freshwater and promoting access to safe water for all. Support this cause through organizations like Charity: Water., Water Org Inc. & Water for the People.

🧩 World Down Syndrome Day (3/21): Since 2012, the United Nations General Assembly has chosen to annually recognize this day to raise awareness about this genetic condition characterized by the presence of an additional 21st chromosome in individuals at birth. Support organizations such as the National Down Syndrome Society & Friends of Down Syndrome.

🦟 World Tuberculosis Day (3/24): It is a day to educate the public about the impact of Tuberculosis (TB) around the world. Support organizations fighting to eradicate TB everywhere such as Project HOPE & TB Alliance.

🌎 Earth Hour (3/27): A global movement engaging millions to show support for the environment by switching off lights. Support environmental conservation through organizations like the World Wildlife Fund, Sierra Club, and Greenpeace Fund.

How to Support?

  1. Donate: Contribute to an organization aligned with your chosen cause. There are over 2M+ verified nonprofit organizations in our database organized by cause category, so it’s easy to find an organization that speaks to your heart!
  2. Fundraise: Launch a fundraiser in minutes, rallying friends and the community for impact.
  3. Host an Event: Whether in-person or virtual, choose from our Evite donations partnership, live event displays, or Zoom app.
  4. Corporate Giving: Align your business with social responsibility and choose which cause(s) align with your values – accept donations, round up at checkout, and showcase your impact.
  5. Gift of Impact: Send a Pledge gift card during these special days to your do-gooder friends and loved ones allowing them to make an impact on their preferred cause, and creating a ripple effect of generosity!

Ready to Make an Impact? 💜Get inspired to make a difference year-round! Explore causes beyond March with our 2024 calendar. Download it now and join the #PledgeToDoGood global movement! 🌟