Party with a Purpose: $35M+ Raised Through Evite

Donations Raised
Nonprofits Supported


As the leading online invitation platform that helps make it easier to bring people together & celebrate every moment, Evite partnered with Pledge to launch an innovative & award-winning feature called Evite Donations to empower their users with the option to "party with a purpose!" Any Evite invitation is now an opportunity to fundraise for a cause that event hosts care about , directly through their invitations.

The Challenge

In 2015, the #1 feature request from Evite users was the ability to fundraise through their invitation platform. Evite approached Pledge with this unique challenge: How do they empower their 200 million users to donate through any Evite invitation? They recognized a need to respond to their users across the U.S., and also an incredible opportunity to create a new, innovative feature that didn't exist on any other online invitation platform.

The Solution

Donation Form APIs

In partnership with Evite, we launched a custom API integration and solution called “Evite Donations,” inclusive of our Charity Search, Donation Form, and Fundraiser-Create APIs to provide a seamless end-to-end integration. They also added a Pledge Impact Calculator to their site to show the real-time total of donations raised through our partnership (see it here). To date, over $35 million has been raised to support thousands of charities in the U.S. and around the world. Now, any Evite user can add a fundraiser directly to their Evite invitation and ask their guests to donate within the platform. Since the launch of Evite Donations, we expanded our partnership to include the ability for users to crowdfund for personal causes, too, which enables them to raise funds toward a personal bank account for medical reasons, honeymoon funds, baby showers, graduation gifts, and more!

Victor Cho
Former CEO of Evite

Pledge was the clear partner of choice for multiple reasons. Of course we needed to be confident that their platform could handle our unique customization needs and scale (and we send out hundreds of millions of invitations each year). But more than that, we need to find a team that we could trust, that would move as fast and as reliably as our own, and maybe most importantly, that shared our #1 company value of 'Act with the Utmost Integrity'. We found all of those things in Pledge and more.