'Once Upon A Farm' Gives Back on Shopify

Nutritious Meals Provided To-Date
Meals Provided by 2024


Organic baby food and kids snack brand Once Upon A Farm is on a mission to provide one million nutritious meals to kids in food insecure communities by 2024 through Save the Children - and partnered with Pledge to engage their customers nationwide to make it happen.

The Challenge

With an e-commerce store hosted on Shopify, Once Upon A Farm was in need of a Shopify App that could engage their customers in supporting their impact goal of raising funds to provide a million nutritious meals to kids in food insecure communities by 2024. They wanted to offer their customers a variety of ways to donate to this cause including: donations at checkout, donations with subscription orders, and donations by specific product type.

The Solution

Donation Form Give & Grow

Pledge's award-winning Shopify app called 'Give & Grow' was the perfect solution for their needs! Once Upon A Farm was able to easily download the app and successfully integrate fundraising capabilities throughout their website in a variety of ways, all powered by Pledge. First, they created a custom donation button at checkout which provides the opportunity for their customers nationwide to provide nutritious meals in addition to their purchases. They also offer their subscription partners an option to donate meals as well. Next, as part of their brand commitment to the cause, Once Upon A Farm donates a set dollar amount from the sales of one of their product lines. As a way to invite their site visitors to donate who don't necessarily make a purchase, they also embedded our Pledge donation form directly on their site to accept additional meal donations. And finally as a way to showcase their impact in real-time as donations are made, Once Upon A Farm added a Pledge Impact Calculator to track the total number of meals donated on their impact page (see it here: onceuponafarmorganics.com/pages/our-impact). They are on track to reach (and likely exceed!) their impact goal in partnership with Save the Children and Pledge.

Jennifer Garner
Actress, Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer

We’ve always had big ambitions, chief among them to bring healthy, nutritious food to kids everywhere. With this incredible initiative, we hope to deliver on this promise in an impactful way.