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Asociacion Apadrina la Ciencia (Association Sponsor Science)

C/ Pico Balaitus 44, portal 3, 4A,
28035 Madrid,

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Our Mission

Apadrina la Ciencia (Sponsor Science) is a new initiative to promote scientific research and public understanding of science in Spain. It stems from the conviction that scientific research is a source of wealth and prosperity, and that investment in science is an investment in the future.

Apadrina la Ciencia (Sponsor Science) was launched by a group of scientists with extensive experience in several research areas, who have joined efforts to promote communication and direct collaboration among scientists and the rest of society. Unlike other initiatives, the goal is not to obtain funding for their own research, but rather to secure resources through patronage, sponsorship and micro-grants to support science research and outreach in Spain. More than 200 internationally renowned scientists from different universities and research institutions support this initiative.

Apadrina la Ciencia (Sponsor Science) aims to direct people's solidarity to support research on issues related to health, the environment and new technologies, with special attention to basic research, which is the foundation of scientific progress and technological development. Through job contracts and project grants, Apadrina la Ciencia (Sponsor Science) is a means by which citizen support can have an optimum return and maximum impact on the goal of strengthening the Spanish scientific system.

Scientific outreach is a priority of Apadrina la Ciencia (Sponsor Science), to inform citizens about scientific advances and help to generate critical opinion on important social issues. One of the main objectives of Apadrina la Ciencia is thus to make science more accessible, especially to young people.

Apadrina la Ciencia (Sponsor Science) will be a platform for meetings, discussion and collaboration between scientists and society. In addition, Apadrina la Ciencia hopes to involve all members of society, including institutions and companies, to help make our dream come true: to achieve strong, visible scientific research in Spain that generates knowledge and increases prosperity for society.

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