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Association Heart for the Kids with Cancer

Betanija bb,
71000 Sarajevo,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

| EIN: 30-0108263-2910

Our Mission

Our mission is to secure an active, long-lasting, and unified support to children with cancer in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our vision that every child in Bosnia and Herzegovina has an equal and secure upbringing.

We are a non-profit organization that offers services to children with cancer. The Association Heart for Kids with Cancer was founded in 2003 with a mission of creating best practices and opportunities in treating and supporting pediatric cancer patients and cancer survivors, as well as providing professional and financial help to children with cancer and their parents in Bosnia and Herzegovina. To this day, our ultimate focus has remained the same: providing help and support to pediatric cancer patients, survivors and their families.

Our organization has been steadily developing ever since its inception. In 2016 we have built The Parents' House, a modern residential building with 10 apartments located on the premises of the Clinical Center of the University in Sarajevo, which provides housing for children undergoing therapy and their families. The Parents' House functions as a separate and independent project of our Association, and is financed solely through our fundraising activities. This has solved a major problem in our field of work, as the Clinical Center of the University in Sarajevo does not have means of accommodating parents of children undergoing therapy, most of which come from areas outside of Sarajevo.

We document and closely monitor all our activities. As we are in a constant and direct contact with our clients, their feedback provides a valuable source of information for us. We use questionnaires, evaluation forms and pre/post interviews to derive quantitative and qualitative indicators in order to measure a relative success of our initiatives. All our activities are meticulously planned in advance, and monitored and evaluated along the way and retroactively. We rely extensively on short term and long term strategic planning to set the goals and objectives, and to determine the best way we use resources to tackle problems or exploit opportunities.

Since all our operations are funded through fundraising activities and institutional and individual donations, we have put a special emphasis on transparency. We conduct external financial audits and employ independent consultants for all issues of any degree of sensitivity. We are proud to boldly claim that, on account of our dedication, achievements, and our meticulous approach to work, we enjoy a complete and unreserved trust of our clients, governmental institutions and the general public in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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