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Foundation Zenski centar Trebinje

Sjeverni logor bb,
89 101 Trebinje,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

| EIN: 30-0108263-3910

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Our Mission

The Foundation "Zenski centar" ("Women's Centre" Trebinje)is a feminist organization, founded in 2002 under a name the Association for helping children and women victims of domestic violence "Zenski centar" Trebinje, and which in 2016 re-registered to the Foundation "Zenski centar" Trebinje. Foundation "Zenski centar" Trebinje is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organisation which works on the territory of B&H. The Foundation emerged from a need to publicly talk about violence against women and children which until then had been regarded as a private problem of an individual, and not as a problem which affects the entire society. Deeply rooted stereotypes and patriarchal attitudes on the position and the role of women in society and family have created a certain "taboo" in terms of specific relationships between men and women. Guided by a desire to contribute to solving this global problem, especially in the framework of the state level and beyond, activities are being implemented in various fields of life and work in order to provide the most appropriate answers to this challenge. Although our activities are focused on different areas (for example, social life, health services, social security, economy), and apply different methodologies, their aim is common: improvement of women's position in society of the Republic of Srpska, and whole Bosnia and Herzegovina. The vision of the organization is to improve the position of women in society and family, and a life free of violence. Our mission is fight for children's and women's human rights in all segments and economic empowerment of women. The focus of our work is domestic violence. Our leader (Ljiljana Cickovic) is at the same time a founder since she had suffered domestic violence.

Programmes performed by our organisation are: -psycho-social support - self-help groups -free legal aid -person of trust -SOS hot line -counselling for economic empowerment of women victims of domestic violence

We are currently working on: -establishing of a safe house for accommodation of women and children victims of domestic violence -establishing of an organic plantation of figs with a manufacturing character for a social agricultural cooperative "Smokvica".

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