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Enviro Crime Solutions

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Our Mission

ENVIRO CRIME SOLUTIONS is primarily involved in the protection and conservation of Rhino in Africa.

Our entire existence is based on saving rhino which is on the IUCN list of threatened species (White Rhino) and the IUCN Endangered species list (Black Rhino)

RHINO POACHING FORENSICS The basic principles of a poaching scene is exactly the same as any other crime scene with the exception of course that the "victim" is a 2.5 ton animal.

Enviro Crime Solutions specifically specializes in the gathering of forensic evidence on rhino poaching scenes. (although we often are involved in other poaching incidents such as pangolin and abalone poaching.)

THE OBJECTIVES AND GOALS OF FORENSIC INVESTIGATIONS Processing the crime scene for evidence gathering. Gathering criminal evidence such as fingerprints and human DNA Determining the time & way the animal died Building criminal cases against individuals or possibly syndicates Gathering rhino DNA thru the RhODIS system. Linking cases to other investigations. (Intelligence Mapping)

THE BASICS OF A FORENSIC INVESTIGATION The easiest way to describe a forensic investigation into poaching is to refer to the popular TV series CSI. With one or two rather big exceptions. When a rhino is poached the most common scenario happens as follows 1. Ranger patrols will find the carcass and in many cases give pursuit of the suspects. 2. Regardless of whether a suspect is arrested the forensic team will "process" the crime scene. 3. All forensic evidence and material will be categorized and handed to the investigating officer who will add it to the evidence as part of the case file (docket). 4. The rhino DNA will be taken and processed into the RhODIS rhino DNA database.

PROJECT LOCATION The primary area of our work is the south Eastern Part of South Africa in and around the Kruger National Park which hosts 75% of the rhino population of the world.

We do on occasion work in areas away from the park but this is dictated on needs basis where other law enforcement is not available.

YOUTH CONSERVATION EDUCATION At ENVIRO CRIME SOLUTIONS we realize that the battle that we are in for the protection of rhino is a long term one. It is critical that a next generation of conservationists can continue the battle one day when we are not there anymore.

With this in mind we devised an education structure by which we could target individual learners who have shown a previous disposition and hunger for natural sciences and conservation.

The aims of our programs are not only to show these learners their natural heritage but to work with them in a long term relationship whereby they can have access to practical experience which in normal circumstances they would never have been able to experience.

This means that we target fewer learners but the ones that we do assist gets assistance over an extended period of time and hopefully later on access to bursaries and education program where they can study conservation at a tertiary level.

The entire aim of the program is holistic in nature and strives to assist learners up to the level where they are qualified to be good conservationists.

OBJECTIVES AND METHODOLOGY OF OUR EDUCATION PROGRAMS Targeted approach with a view to continuous support Exposing learner to opportunities that otherwise would have been impossible to get Target disadvantaged communities / learners Learners must be from communities around the parks Assist learners with possible scholarships or educational assistance

We believe that our approach will make a difference to the lives of those that we try to help. We look for a passion in the students that we take into our care. It is that passion that drives us at Enviro Crime Solutions and we want to work with people that have the same passion.

Conservation is not just a job. It is in your heart and we search for those that have that same passion.

PROJECT LOCATION & BENEFICIARIES Our education programs focus specifically on the youth around the Kruger National Park. The area is specific problems in socio economic status and inequality with little or no access to tertiary education and/or opportunities to these.

PROJECT RESULTS / IMPACT It is no secret that we are in the fight of our lives to safe rhino. The work that ENVIRO CRIME SOLUTIONS does is different in that it is almost exclusively reactive in nature.

Although it is different from the traditional conservation methods and practice it still fulfills a critical role in the overall rhino protection plan.

ENVIRO CRIME SOLUTIONS has attended to more than 400 poaching scenes. This equates to 400 + rhino DNA entered into the RhODIS DNA system and a host of successful convictions of poachers due to the evidence that was gathered by our staff.

We have educated more than 2500 school children on rhino poaching and the value of having rhino and the natural heritage that they stand for.

Our work is often reactive but nonetheless critical. For as long as there is poaching we will be continuing the fight against poaching. Our work never stops which and it is very hard to quantify our impact in terms of animals saved and the overall impact on rhino number.

What we do know is that without our work the damage to rhino populations would be catastrophic.

WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS It is no secret that we are in the fight of our lives to save rhino. The work that ENVIRO CRIME SOLUTIONS does is different in that it is almost exclusively reactive in nature.

We know that our work is most likely never going to stop. This is not work that has a start and end date in the traditional conservation methodology. We are fully aware of the current situation and we believe that this is one of the aspects that sets us apart.


We are an incredibly dedicated people with willpower and tenacity like few others. Regardless of the incredible difficult and often disheartening situations that we find ourselves in we believe that we play a critical role in the fight against rhino poaching.

Our lives are built around this and we sacrifice a tremendous amount to do what we do. We do all we can to do more and more. Having the support of others will enable us to do even more.


We visit schools as part of our education programs and ensure that there is ample publicity for our work. We actively visit companies and other institutions and raise awareness of our work and the plight of rhino (See example of letter of recommendation from WCEC) We host classes at Universities - Specifically Forensics, Nature Sciences and Tourism We host several corporate Initiatives where we show corporate entities how they can get involved in saving rhino

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