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JOEE - Joyful Opportunity English Education

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Our Mission

Joyful Opportunity English Education is a nonprofit foundation based in Japan. Our mission is to provide quality English language education to disadvantaged children, ages 2 to 7, growing up in institutional homes. The goal is to increase their emotional intelligence and expand their opportunities when they eventually launch out into the world at age eighteen.

JOEE teaches basic English with accurate pronunciation by native-level teachers to give children growing up in institutionalized care in Japan an important advantage. During the JOEE lessons, children learn in a loving and lively atmosphere with puppets, books, songs and games. They are taught the following important truths: I am important. - I am kind. - I am loved.

JOEE is a foundation (Ippan Shadan Houjin) recognized by the Japanese government and created by Ruth Ingulsrud who has worked as a teacher at international schools in Japan. Ruth has a background in children's ministry, literature and theater, and holds a Masters of Education, a Clear Credential in Teaching and a Bachelors in Theater Arts. She uses her skills as an educator and puppeteer to bring English instruction to children in orphanages and institutionalized care in a way that actively engages all of the senses. Children are taught basic English words with games that creatively teach proper English pronunciation. Her lessons are packed with songs, action, stories and puppet play enticing children to eagerly embrace the joy of learning a new language. JOEE is currently training new JOEE teachers and we are providing lessons in five care homes in Tokyo, Kobe and Nagoya.

The ultimate goal of JOEE is to give disadvantaged children the advantage of learning from a native-level English instructor so that when they exit the care system at age eighteen, they will have basic English language knowledge and good pronunciation skills. This will be a help for them when seeking employment both locally and globally. Besides teaching language skills, the program provides the children with a joyful opportunity to simply have fun with supportive and caring adults. JOEE often works alongside YouMeWeNPO to help these youth launch successfully.

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