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TokyoChuoku7F, 2-1-11 Shinkawa,,

| EIN: 30-0108263-5732

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide free education to children from low-income families in Japan by conducting intensive and continual studying sessions in Japanese and English and to provide various opportunities, such as workshops in collaboration with our sponsored companies and entry for English speech contests, leading to alleviate poverty of underprivileged children. Free study support for elementary through high school students. Educational guidance on enrollment for high school and college. Hands-on activities for children from elementary through high school at orphanages, community centers and their studying venues. Study support for foreign children living in Japan. Help (single) parents focus on working and providing food on the table. Provide free after-school classes and a place to go. Foster a society where children can have hopes and dreams. Build bonds between students(children),volunteers and local communities. Help children pave the path towards becoming self-reliant, independent individuals.

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