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VZW Hippo and Friends

Herestraat 49 bus 902,
3000 Leuven,

Our Mission

1. to raise awareness around type 1 diabetes. By creating a community with Hippo and Friends, we can feed the right information ( e.g. science updates ) and bring people together. This can be online, but also off-line. e.g. we organize things like 'fluo-party for children' - and their parents, photo shoot by a professional photographer, world diabetes day, ... so that people can meet each other, and share experiences. Many people feel re leaved if they find out that they are not the only one in the world with a particular problem...

2. to raise funds , to support fundamental and clinical research. We help organizing sport events, Christmas happenings, sell year-calendars from the photo shoot... Although a lot of progress has been made in a technical way ( e.g. introduction of continuous glucose measuring, smart insulin pumps,... ) a lot of discovery-work has to be done in finding a cure.

3. take care of the well-being of the people with Type 1 diabetes. DiaT1op ( acronym for diabetics type 1 to the Top ) is a community of people with type 1 diabetes, who sport together with caretakers of the hospitals they are followed by. Doctors, educators, food-specialist, psychologists sport together with patients with T1 diabetes, in order to stand by them and support them. We offer an educational year-program, which is a combination of presentations of theory, in combination with the practice ( sports are biking, running and hiking ). This not only for the education on itself, but also with the purpose to learn from the experience in practice. Since no person with T1 diabetes reacts in the same way, it is very important that one discovers personally what kind of treatment is the best for him/her.

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