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The Guinean organization for the defense of human rights and citizens (OGDH)

OGDH - B.P : 2479 - Immeuble Abdoulaye BALDE - Rue DI523 Bvd. Bellevue DI.536 face belvedere - 3eme,
etage email :
Conakry 001,

| EIN: 30-0108263-6304

Our Mission

The OGDH has a general objective: the promotion and protection / defense of Human Rights being inside and outside Guinea.

In such, it aims are:

a) To fight against intolerance, arbitrariness and discrimination of any kind; b) To oppose any sort of violation of Human Rights, Liberty, Justice and Equality: c) To contribute to the edification of Guinea as a State of Rights and true democracy.

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