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Circolo di cultura omosessuale Mario Mieli

Via Efeso n. 2/A,
00146 Rome Lazio,

Our Mission

The Mario Mieli LGBT+ Association is a registered non-profit association (Registry of the Lazio Region) established in 1983. The Association is a civil rights organisation, supporting the LGBT+ community and committed to combating AIDS, both with information and prevention activities, as well as to assisting and supporting HIV-positive people. We promote action to fight all kinds of discrimination and carry out cultural and socialization activities. The projects and activities undertaken so far have received the appreciation and support of the Ministry of Health, the Lazio Region, the Province of Rome and the Municipality of Rome. Mario Mieli Association continued to offer a series of free social services and activities: Rainbow Line Help Centre (toll-free number 800 11 06 11), with telephone and on-site consulting Psychological counselling Legal counselling Self-Help Group for HIV-positive people LGBT+ Group for immigrants Rapid Test HIV and STDs

GOALS AND BENEFICIARIES - Welcoming, supporting and guiding LGBT+ people, including HIV-positive people - Provide listening, advice, assistance with issues related to discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and HIV-positive people - Countering prejudice and discrimination against LGBT+ and/or HIV-positive people - Encouraging inclusion and integration of LGBT+ immigrants and people discriminated against in their country of origin for sexual orientation or gender identity


The Rainbow Line Help Centre is open from 2 am to 6 pm on Mondays through Fridays. The Rainbow Line Centre provides information on health, disease prevention, HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases; also it collects and manages reports of discrimination due to sexual orientation, gender identity and serological status. The Centre is run by experienced practitioners, psychologists, lawyers and doctors.

The Legal Office offers several types of counselling (in civil, criminal, administrative and labour law). The Office is able to offer support to people who are victims of discrimination.

The Psychological Counselling Office offers support and advice with issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity. It also provides support to victims of discrimination and homophobic and transphobic bullying.

The Self-Help Group for HIV-positive people works to foster the emancipation and empowerment of participants, allowing them to share their problems with peers and experiment methods and strategies fostering greater awareness and calm in dealing with self-perception and health issues. In recent years, it has offered special support to people with HIV who are victims of discrimination due to their serological status.

The LGBT+ Group for migrants offers support through specific psychological and/or legal assistance initiatives. In particular, it organises Italian language courses in order to foster integration and develop the linguistic tools to fight the discrimination targeting the LGBTI community in Italy, not only for their sexual orientation or gender identity, but also for their ethnic origin.

HIV information and prevention project, Rapid HIV and STDs Testing Free Quick Tests offered at the Association's headquarters and at gay venues


Since 1994 The Mario Mieli organizes every Pride in Rome. The Mario Mieli has organized the first World Pride in history in 2000 and the EuroPride of Rome in 2011 with Lady Gaga.

"LIBER@DIESSERE" Project. Information and training course on LGBT+ diversity for psycho-social-health workers"- funded by UNAR (the Italian National Anti-Racial Discrimination Office) under the A.P.A.D. 2016 (Positive Actions Against Discrimination) call for projects. Diversity training initiatives (to counter any kind of prejudice) aimed at psycho-social-health workers in public institutions. The project was conducted in association with other organizations, including Cirses (project leader), AGEDO, Famiglie Rainbow and Associazione Libellula. The Mario Mieli Association, among other things, staffed the information desk, through the Rainbow Line Help Centre, achieving an increase in the number of contacts during the project.


Training and prevention initiatives at secondary schools through peer education. Initiatives against homo-lesbian-transphobic bullying to foster a culture of knowledge, addressing the topics of Affectivity, Sexuality, Prevention of HIV and other STDs.

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