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ReMade Community Lab

Via Capodimonte 13,
80136 Napoli NA,

Our Mission

ReMade community lab intends to spread the ecological and digital culture through the experimentation of a micro production laboratory starting from urban plastic waste which, through design, recycling and digital manufacturing processes, aims to start a circular economy model in the city. The goal is to simplify and reduce the environmental impact of urban waste management by concentrating the collection, recycling and production phases in a single organization unit. The products realised by the laboratory are conceived through a creative process that starts from the choice and reworking of signs belonging to the territory. We aim to raise awareness of the community by involving inhabitants and traders in the collection of waste and by activating workshops and training courses for the transmission of skills in the field of digital manufacturing as a tool to facilitate the development of new forms of enterprise in the field of green and circular economy.

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