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IRODA 'Parents of Children with Autism Initiative'

35 Mir Street,
Cino District
Dushanbe 734006,

| EIN: 30-0108263-848

Our Mission

IRODA exists to advocate for the rights and interests of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and endeavors to ensure that they have access to quality services appropriate for their unique needs. IRODA strives towards seeing persons with ASD in Tajikistan being treated with dignity and respect, as valued members within society.

IRODA is doing this by: raising awareness of ASD and increasing understanding, amongst both the medical and educational professions and the general public, of the needs of children with ASD and their families. working with the government and other non-governmental organizations to provide appropriate services for children with ASD providing training on ASD in a range of formats and settings lobbying and providing information to legislators IRODA is characterized by the following key values: IRODA was founded by parents and continues to be a parent driven organization that seeks to partner with professionals in the ASD field to see that the needs of all people with ASD are realized and met The involvement of families in all aspects of their child's learning and development is key to sustainable and effective progress. Therefore a strong emphasis is placed on training and family centered service provision. IRODA seeks to draw on knowledge and information provided through a range of interventions developed for working with children with ASD, and uses an eclectic approach rather than advocating for one particular model of intervention The rights of all people to be included as valued members of society drives IRODA to advocate for both legislation and community attitudes that will support people with ASD to be fully included within their local communities. IRODA aims for all it's activities to be community based and seeks to cooperate with individuals and organizations in local communities.

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