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Fly The Phoenix

Fly the Phoenix believes that education, as well as daily food, are basic human rights. In order to combat the imbalances of these rights, we are creating sustainable, 25-year cycle, educational community programs. These are funded by our local income-initiatives, challenges and international donations through our registered charity, Fly The Phoenix.

Animal-Kind International

Kindness to Animals has no boundaries. Since 2007, Animal-Kind International has been raising money for animal rescue organizations in some of the poorest countries around the world.

One Earth Conservation

One Earth Conservation works with parrots as a gateway species who can guide us to transform the way humans perceive and treat nature and each other. We are a small, but mighty, not-for-profit organization, based in the USA, that is having a large impact on parrot conservation and human attitudes towards nature in countries in Central America and South America. Our mission is to promote parrot well-being in the Americas by conducting transformative parrot conservation, taking action to end the wildlife trade, and encouraging in people a strong sense of human connection to all life that results in the well-being of all.

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Fundacion Perros Sin Nombre

We are a foundation 501 c (3)that seeks to improve the quality of life of animals in the condition of the street, through the implementation of comprehensive programs of population control, nutrition, adoption and social responsibility -Vaccination and sterilization campaigns with medical help to those in most critical conditions.Offer solutions that help to combat the problem of population and mistreatment of animals, treating them as a problem of public health and coexistence, promoting the adoption of animals rescued and recovered from abandonment, systematically carrying out mass sterilization campaigns in dogs, such as the only method statistically proven, being at the same time efficient, ethical and free of cruelty, to face the high street population.