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The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens, the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem
The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens, the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem

Topreserve rare animals and species threatened with extinction. Prominently featured in the collection are animals from the Land of Israel, with special emphasis on those species mentioned in the Bible. To develop and conduct educational activities and outreach programs that will cultivate and nurture the values of nature conservation and wildlife protection among the general public; to enhance public awareness of environmental issues and encourage a love of animals. To create a rich and diversified recreational atmosphere in beautiful surroundings, which subtly promote an appreciation of nature and of the environment. To conduct research that involves the preservation, breeding, and return to the wild of various species; to participate in national and international research activities and projects in these fields; and to conduct both theoretical and practical research work in the fields of zoology, biology, and environmental science. To encourage community participation, and conduct the types of educational and cultural activities that are geared towards Jerusalem's unique and diverse population, and are accessible to all communities. To develop distinct programs and create opportunities for groups with special needs, so that they can be involved in animal care, grounds-keeping, and other useful activities throughout the zoo grounds. To make the zoo a unique and attractive tourist site, whose uniqueness derives partly from its collection of Biblical animals.