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Promote the active, full and dignified participation of children, youth and adults with cerebral palsy or neuromotor disability in all areas of society, through Conductive Education whose objective is the upbringing, training and development of a person with autonomy and self determination

Aldeias Infantis Sos Brasil
Aldeias Infantis Sos Brasil

We build families for children in need, we help them shape their own futures, and we share in the development of their communities.

Awrad Association

Clown Me In, known as Awrad Association, was created for the purpose of spreading laughter, providing relief to disadvantaged communities, addressing trauma, discrimination and environmental problems and abuses through clowning, laughter and social therapy workshops. We also aim to take the arts outside of the capital, giving disadvantaged and/or rural communities access to arts and culture. Clown Me In has worked around the world, in Mexican, Lebanese, Palestinian, Indian, Brazilian, Moroccan, Jordanian, Syrian, Greek and British communities.


Compassiva's mission is to create opportunities for transforming the lives of people in vulnerable situations.

Instituto Oswaldo Ribeiro De Mendonca

We develop our activities in the cities of Guaira, Orlandia, Miguelopolis and Ipua, contributing directly to the integral development of children and teenagers, aiming at the improvement of social indicators, especially those related to low professional qualification, drug addiction, early pregnancy and school dropout. We believe that articulated, transdisciplinary and inclusive actions, embracing family and community, enable the strengthening of values such as ethics, responsibility, self confidence, self esteem, character, discipline, social awareness, collaboration, respect, pacifism and socialization.