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Mensajeros de la Paz Spain

The main objective of the ASOCIACIÓN MENSAJEROS DE LA PAZ is the care, attention, support, rehabilitation, treatment for human and social promotion of the most disadvantaged and needy groups in Spain and in several countries all over the world in order to promote their full integration: minors, young people living under social risk conditions, abused women, physical and psychical handicapped people, drug addicts, and old people who live alone, in abandon or poverty conditions.


femLENS' mission is to visually educate and make technologically aware the most vulnerable and resourceless women of our society through documentary photography made accessible by mobile phone cameras and cheaper point and shoot cameras.

Los Patojos, Dreams & Ideas in Action

Los Patojos was created to give hope and dignity to the children and youth of Jocotenango. Our purpose is to prevent our children and youth from falling into lives of despair, poverty and violence. We are working toward this objective by being agents of change, using dialogue to resolve problems, rather than violence. We address the various issues these children face by engaging them in fine arts, journalism, ballet, break dancing, photography and music lessons. Through these activities their self-confidence, their pride and their hope for a better future grows incredibly. They learn valuable life skills, such as perseverance, team co-operation and dignity. They know they can aspire to achieve more than the lives they see around them. We are also now an approved school offering free education from Pre-Primary to Grade 7, with Grade 8 being added in 2017 and Grade 9 in 2018.

Teen International Media Exchange

In the wake of September 11, 2001, a group of Los Angeles media instructors and professionals gathered to discuss the tragedy. They were determined to “go global” and make a major, long-term impact on the world community.The Teen International Media Exchange (TIME) was born, and found a home at the Media Academy at Grover Cleveland High School in Reseda, CA, where two of the founders teach.Today, TIME is a non-profit organization with an explicit mission: to empower the energy of teenagers and the dynamic power of the media to create a peaceful, cooperative world community.

Cojolya Association

We are dedicated to the conservation of the millennial Mayan backstrap loom weaving tradition, not only as a historical relic but as a viable source of economic stability for our women weavers.

Come Mejor Wa'ik

Eat Better Wa'ik generates food awareness and actions to reduce malnutrition through creative and inclusive education, economics, transformative agriculture, consumption and technology. We merge food security, climate sustainability and human rights, for an improved change in the narrative, comprehension and behavior from and towards food. We seek to transform food systems with more transparent collaboration and bringing diverse stakeholders and individuals together in Guatemala, the region and the world.

Fundacion para el desarrollo integral de programas socio-economicos FUNDAP

We are a privately-owned voluntary foundation seeking to promote the development of low-income areas in the Republic of Guatemala, especially for those people who live in the rural areas of the highlands, by innovative projects avoiding patriarchy to guaranteea better living standard. All of this under a sustainable development framework with absolute respect for human dignity, culture and traditions.

Asociacion Comunitaria para el Desarrollo Educativo y Cultural de Tzununa

Our mission is to create spaces and programs that foster a vibrant community life. The Center as a physical space gathers the community in educational programs that otherwise would not exist, particularly artistic and cultural activities that will foster the already strong spirit of community that is present in Tzununa. All of our programs and activities seek to build and nurture good citizenship though workshops and seminars. The Center serves the needs of children and youth, especially supporting them to pursue informal and formal educational opportunities that will give them and their families a more promising future.

Union de Museos Comunitarios de Oaxaca A.C.

1.- To support each community in the effort to create and develop its community museum, to strengthen our awareness of our past, its impact on the present, and the possibilities for building a future based on the values of our ancestors. 2.- To unify our communities, sharing our concerns and supporting each other by developing networks at a state, national and international level. 3.- To strengthen community action in education, training, and the recreation of collective memory and practices, through projects that benefit all participating communities.

Compartiendo Nuestras Bendiciones ONG

Compartiendo Nuestras Bendiciones ONG ensures that the people of San Andres Itzapa, Guatemala and the surrounding communities fully reach their God given potential. We believe that where you were born shouldn't determine whether you flourish in life or whether you merely just get by. We give people the tools they need to achieve their goals, to reach their dreams and to live with dignity.