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Associacao De Ensino Social Profissionalizante

For more than 40 years, we have transformed the lives of adolescents and young people in situations of social vulnerability with the mission of "Promoting social inclusion through socio-educational actions, mediation of access and integration into the world of work". We have already carried out more than 1 million social services and are present throughout the national territory.

Instituto Batucar

MISSION Promoting the empowerment and the improvement of the quality of life of children, teenagers, youth, and communities in socioeconomic vulnerability through art, culture, education, and the body percussion as the main axis.

Instituto Alumna Social

Alumna was founded in 2019 as a community project designed by two mid-career alumni from the University of Brasilia, in Brazil. Back in their alma mater, the cofounders ran a survey with students from underrepresented groups and found out that 70% considered dropping out, 60% lack knowledge and skills to enter the labor market and 50% did not know what to do after graduating. To support the transition from college to enter the labor market, they decided to launch a free-of-cost mentoring program to guide and inspire women in their early career journey by creating a network for professional development and women collaboration. Alumna has built a powerful community of senior professional women who are genuinely interested in supporting young women to succeed in their lives and their careers. The one-to-one mentoring program engages women from different backgrounds to learn from each other and to also exercise empathy. This network has to grow. Young women dream of having a mentor and want the opportunity to engage with a more experienced professional. Alumna speeds up these connections, by matching mentors and mentees and providing a successful methodology, all free of cost, so young women can reach their full potential.

Community Center J. Irwin Miller

The J Irwin Miller Commnity Center (JIMCC) will attend Cummins and all its business units social program needs