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Save the Children

To Relieve The Distress And To Promote The Welfare Of Children In Any Country Or Countries, Without Differentiation On The Ground Of Race, Colour, Nationality, Creed Or Sex To Educate The Public Concerning The Nature, Causes And Effects Of Distress, And Want Of Welfare As Aforesaid, And To Conduct And Procure Research Concerning The Same And To Make Available The Useful Results Thereof.

Global Vision International Charitable Trust

Working with local grassroots charities and NGOs in 13 countries across the globe, the Global Vision International (GVI) Charitable Trust manages and raises funds for numerous long-term programs. These funds are used to support our local partners with the aims of alleviating poverty, illiteracy, environmental degradation and climate change. We do this through education, nutrition, conservation and capacity building. Our work focuses upon 3 key objectives: awareness, impact and empowerment. The aim is to create awareness of global issues, have a direct impact on those issues locally and empower our alumni, be they volunteers, donors, staff or community members, to continue impacting local issues on a global level.

Railway Children

We work to make sure no child ever has to live alone on the streets. With projects in the UK, India and East Africa we race to reach these children before an abuser does. At street level our outreach workers find children and take them to one of our safe spaces. We provide food, shelter, safety, support and education while trying to reunite them with family or another long-term solution. At community level we change perceptions through campaigns, training and skills transfer to make street children visible and not to be ignored or stepped over. At government level we use our research and expertise to influence policy makers and leverage government support for children living on the streets.

Mercy Beyond Borders

"Forging ways for women and girls in extreme poverty to learn, connect and lead."

Acres of Mercy, Kenya

Acres of Mercy is a Non- Governmental Organization registered in Kenya currently working in Nguluni Location, Matungulu District, Machakos County. The NGO is currently working in this area of the country as a starting point to be the launching pad to other parts of Kenya. The NGO is working in three broad areas and include:- 1. Early Childhood Education and Development 2. Health Interventions 3. Community Empowerment and Mobilization

She's the First

She’s the First fights for a world where every girl chooses her own future. We team up with local organizations to make sure girls are educated, respected, and heard.

Women Deliver

Women Deliver is a leading global advocate that champions gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women. Our advocacy drives investment—political and financial— in the lives of girls and women. We harness evidence and unite diverse voices to spark commitment to gender equality. And we get results. Anchored in sexual and reproductive health, we advocate for the rights of girls and women across every aspect of their lives.

American Friends of Gatoto

American Friends of Gatoto (AFG) is a U.S.-based 501(c)3 established to raise funds to support the Gatoto Primary School and its community in the Mukuru kwa Reuben slum located on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. Largely run by volunteers, the board covers our minimal overhead so that 100% of contributions raised can go directly to support the school. The Gatoto Primary School is a pre-K thru 8 community school located in an "informal settlement" in an industrial area of Nairobi. As such, it receives no funding from the government and offers education to a community of kids who would otherwise not receive one. In the miles of urban sprawl consisting of wall-to-wall tin shacks, Gatoto is an oasis that gives kids space to run, play, and be safe. It provides access to food and sanitation, as well as a life-changing education. Founded 25 years ago by community leaders, it provides a non-religiously affiliated education to more than 1,000 children equally divided between boys and girls. In addition, students receive two hot meals a day. This is often their only food and a strong reason for parents to keep their kids in school, resulting in an impressive 98% student retention rate. AFG's support helps fill the gap between the $12 annual tuition charged to parents and the $300 actual cost per student. AFG also supports the surrounding community through Gatoto School's umbrella organization, the Gatoto Integrated Development Program (GIDP), a registered Kenyan charity. The school employs a social worker who supports families struggling with malnutrition, low wages, many health issues including HIV/AIDS, and other family problems. For high-achieving students whose test scores allow them to continue their education, GIDP offers financial grants to give access to secondary, college and even graduate-level education; a pathway otherwise almost impossible for a Mukuru child to achieve. It also offers alumni mentorship, and many alums return to the school to help teach while saving for future studies. In addition, AFG specifically supports other programs, capital projects, and emergency response funding in this high-performing, community-directed primary school.


Providing a safe space for young girls and young women to envision and pursue the future they want for themselves and their communities through life-skills and reproductive health training and awareness, Arts and Sports, professional development and scholarship program me.


UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is a global organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights, and building a better future for people forced to flee their homes because of conflict and persecution. We lead international action to protect refugees, forcibly displaced communities, and stateless people.

Mission Bambini

Our mission is to aid and support children suffering from poverty, sickness, lack of education or who have experienced physical or moral violence, by offering them the opportunity and the hope of a new life. It is an independent, lay organisation and is also designated an ONLUS (Non-profit organisation of social value). It operates without discrimination of culture, ethnicity and religion and upholds the United Nations rights of the child. The Foundation works around the world and is closest to the weakest and most neglected children offering them food, medicine, health care, education and programmes for social reintegration. In pursuing its goal, Mission Bambini is inspired by the following values: freedom, justice, truth, respect for others and solidarity.