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Women Deliver

Women Deliver is a leading global advocate that champions gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women. Our advocacy drives investment—political and financial— in the lives of girls and women. We harness evidence and unite diverse voices to spark commitment to gender equality. And we get results. Anchored in sexual and reproductive health, we advocate for the rights of girls and women across every aspect of their lives.

Fondazione Francesca Rava Nph Italia Onlus

Fondazione Francesca Rava helps children in need in Italy and worldwide through children sponsorship, fundraising projects, volunteers, educational programs, sensibilization of children rights. Fondazione represents in Italy NPH - Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (Our little brothers and sisters), a charitable organization for orphaned and abandoned children in Latin America. Since 1954, NPH mission is giving thousands of children a permanent home, quality education, healthcare, in 9 poor countries in Latin America among which Haiti. The organization motto is "one child at a time, from the streets to a degree". NPH has been working for over 30 years in Haiti, under the guidance of doctor Father Rick Frechette, to bring health care, education, professional training, assistance, food and water to over one million people a year. Francesca Rava Foundation is a charitable, non political, independent, non religious organization, recognized by the Italian government to operate on a national level. The main office is in Milano. Teams and committees of volunteers are active in every region of the country and worldwide. Foundation activity is focused on fundraising, organization of sensibilization initiatives for children and women rights, management of projects of development and empowerment such as building schools, rehab centres for children, sending volunteers for training of local people. Main fields are education and healthcare. In Italy Foundation activities include team of volunteer doctors, midwives, nurses working on the Ships of the Italian Navy in the Sicily Channel, to provide medical care to migrant and refugee pregnant women and children just rescued by drowning boats; assistance to young people in the poorest neighbourhoods in Milan, aiming to the integration of foreign students and families, improvements of school results, competencies for new job for dropouts; ninna ho project against newborns abandonment, through the donations of baby drop-off boxes with thermal incubators and an informative campaign; support to foster homes in Italy with "In farmacia per i bambini".

Nicaragua-Projekt e.V.

Mission Statement Nicaragua Projekt provides health care for campesinos and their families in remote mountain villages surrounding Ocotal, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. Nicaragua Projekt supports a day shelter for girls in Barrio Sandino, Ocotal, providing free meals, educational tutoring, counselling, and scholarships. Background Dr. Katrin Hennings and Reinhart Bein started creating and running a mobile clinic in 2005 in the Ocotal region, northern Nicaragua, on behalf of the German NGO German Doctors. Since then, they have directed the mobile clinic and Dr. Hennings has volunteered several times as a doctor. Through this work, they met Dulce Maria Calderon and Viola Castillo learned about their project Casa Maria de Nazareth, which has existed since 1999 and supports girls who have grown up in extremely poor problem families with backgrounds of alcohol, drugs, prostitution and sexual abuse. In 2006, Dr. Hennings and Mr. Bein, together with other volunteer supporters, founded the German NGO Nicaragua Projekt e.V. Nicaragua Project is dedicated to medical and social projects in northern Nicaragua. Members promote health care as physicians and organizers and help raise funds to make good use of them in projects in northern Nicaragua. The association is engaged in the Ocotal region, Nueva Segovia and Somoto, Madriz in the north of Nicaragua on the border with Honduras. In this rural and partly mountainous or dry region people are extremely poor and the medical care of the population is particularly bad. The Centros de Salud are many hours walk away and they are increasingly very poorly equipped with drugs, experienced doctors are hardly found. Following the logistical withdrawal of German Doctors in 2015, the mobile clinic was taken over by the Nicaragua Project. The projects of Nicaragua Projekt have three main focuses: The mobile clinic Provides free medical care for the population in the north of the country, far from clinics, practices, Centros de Salud or pharmacies. The mobile clinic travels twice a year through the region and is led by volunteers from Germany and Europe. The doctors give up their salary and pay their own travel expenses, from 2018 onwards they also have to fund the costs for four weeks clinic by donations themselves - 2600USD per clinic (medicines, examinations, salaries for nurse and driver, car costs). This clinics takes place in coordination with the governmental health system. They are are connected to the Small community pharmacies or Botequines In order to permanently and sustainably improve medical care, Nicaragua Projekt also equips small pharmacies with medicines and supplies, and we paid for basic medical training (dealing with diseases, medicines and their use) of fourteen local health care providers called Brigadistas (volunteer, committed, non-medically trained villagers), from eight villages. Each village and surrounding farm area comprises between 500 and 1500 people. In May 2017, each brigadista received a mini-pharmacy called a botequine, containing medications and first aid supplies that they had been trained to administer. In American terms, the brigadistas are between an emergency medical technician and a licensed practical nurse. Every month Alba -our nurse- visits each village to resupply the botiquines and review the records of the brigadistas regarding their patients and diagnoses. In May 2018, we are planning a continuing education program for the brigadistas. We have a doctor who has volunteered her time to offer this training. The girls' project Casa Maria de Nazareth Nicaragua Project especially supports the NGO CASA MARIA de NAZARETH in Ocotal, Nicaragua. Here are girls, who grew up in extremely poor problem families - alcohol, drugs, prostitution and sexual abuse of the young girls are the background. The girls are cared for all day and can stay in crisis situations overnight. They are assisted during school attendance, receive two meals, can use a shower and are mentally cared for. Currently, we are accepting applications for a halftime psychologist. With our social workers we work on a close contact with the parents. After completing school, we finance a visit to an evening school to learn a profession and currently we are financing three girls to visit the University of Ocotal. The aim is to provide them with a livable perspective, to enable them to graduate and receive vocational training, to strengthen their sense of self-esteem and to teach them respectful togetherness and rights and obligations in the community.

Mission Bambini

Our mission is to aid and support children suffering from poverty, sickness, lack of education or who have experienced physical or moral violence, by offering them the opportunity and the hope of a new life. It is an independent, lay organisation and is also designated an ONLUS (Non-profit organisation of social value). It operates without discrimination of culture, ethnicity and religion and upholds the United Nations rights of the child. The Foundation works around the world and is closest to the weakest and most neglected children offering them food, medicine, health care, education and programmes for social reintegration. In pursuing its goal, Mission Bambini is inspired by the following values: freedom, justice, truth, respect for others and solidarity.

Mensajeros de la Paz Spain

The main objective of the ASOCIACIÓN MENSAJEROS DE LA PAZ is the care, attention, support, rehabilitation, treatment for human and social promotion of the most disadvantaged and needy groups in Spain and in several countries all over the world in order to promote their full integration: minors, young people living under social risk conditions, abused women, physical and psychical handicapped people, drug addicts, and old people who live alone, in abandon or poverty conditions.

United Through Sport SA

We are a South African registered charity dedicated to encouraging disadvantaged individuals and communities to develop to their full potential in sport, education and health. We are committed to using sport as a tool to develop the disadvantaged and vulnerable youth. We do this by; 1. Using direct sports coaching - for its health benefits, improved emotional well being and increased life skills (teamwork, leadership, decision making, communication). 2. Using sport to discuss critical issues - by delivering curriculums on topics such as HIV / AIDS awareness in a fun and interactive manner on the sports field. 3. Using sport for improved education - by providing pathways to success for talented and dedicated individuals through scholarships to top local schools and tertiary education.

Fly The Phoenix

Fly the Phoenix believes that education, as well as daily food, are basic human rights. In order to combat the imbalances of these rights, we are creating sustainable, 25-year cycle, educational community programs. These are funded by our local income-initiatives, challenges and international donations through our registered charity, Fly The Phoenix.


femLENS' mission is to visually educate and make technologically aware the most vulnerable and resourceless women of our society through documentary photography made accessible by mobile phone cameras and cheaper point and shoot cameras.

Donation & Transplantation Institute

DTI's mission is to save millions of lives by advancing organ donations and transplantation training. ------ OUR COMMITMENT 1. Raise organ donations around the world 2. Improve society's quality of life 3. Support regenerative medicine ----- AT DTI, we advise and support public and private international entities of the health sector in the creation, development and strengthening of networks, programs, services and / or research in donation and transplantation of organs, tissues and human cells, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the people.

Health Poverty Action

Health Poverty Action's charitable purpose is 'to preserve and protect the health, through the provision of primary health care, of communities who receive little or no external assistance because of political instability and / or conflict'. Our Vision A world in which the poorest and most marginalised enjoy their rights to health. Our Mission We work to strengthen poor and marginalised people in their struggle for health.

Changing Tides Foundation

CTF was born from the idea that the world would be a better place if we were all given the opportunity to give back. Established by a group of water women, we feel it is our calling to help others by teaming up with local organizations globally to raise awareness and address social, environmental, health and safety concerns in the places we visit. We aim to bridge the gap between the traveler and our projects enabling travelers to add a life-changing experience to their journeys and add purpose to travel.