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Donation & Transplantation Institute

DTI's mission is to save millions of lives by advancing organ donations and transplantation training. ------ OUR COMMITMENT 1. Raise organ donations around the world 2. Improve society's quality of life 3. Support regenerative medicine ----- AT DTI, we advise and support public and private international entities of the health sector in the creation, development and strengthening of networks, programs, services and / or research in donation and transplantation of organs, tissues and human cells, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the people.


femLENS' mission is to visually educate and make technologically aware the most vulnerable and resourceless women of our society through documentary photography made accessible by mobile phone cameras and cheaper point and shoot cameras.

Association for the Local Product Development WINDMILLS OF MASURY

The association was founded by people for whom local development on the basis of local resources, respecting nature, but also, and perhaps above all, based on community activities, is important. At the beginning, the development of local products and services, including tourist ones, was important to us. Currently, our activities focus on adult education (including senior citizens), youth education (through civic lessons) and volunteer development. We also carry out activities contributing to building social bonds, respect for tradition and strengthening of local identity. The main area of the association's activities is the Masury region, especially Ek.

Pallottine Missionary Foundation

Pallottine Missionary Foundation (Pallotynska Fundacja Misyjna is an NGO, based in Poland. We support social work of missionaries: kindergartens, schools, health centres, hospitals, nutritional centres, we also fund scholarships for Africans, who study in their own countries. We also organize a course for missionary volunteers, who go to the countries of Global South to help and share their experience. We help in Africa: Rwanda, D.R. Congo, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Uganda, Senegal, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zanzibar; Asia: India, Syria, Lebanon, Sri Lanca; South America: Colombia, Cuba, Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina. The Foundation was founded in 2008. We have a long story of support different projects like building maternity in Kigali, building schools in Bivouvue, Esse in Cameroon, supporting kindergartens in Rwanda and D.R. Congo, building schools in Brobo and Ahouaukro in Ivory Coast. We organize debates on hot international social topics with famous experts like Carl Wilkens for the USA, the only American who stayed in Rwanda during the genocide, Nagy el-Khouri from Lebanon, Juan Grabois from Papal Counsel Justicia et Pax and many more. We cooperate with business to help to develop entrepreneurship among Africans. What we take care most is the education of children as we know that is an effective way to help children. In the process of helping the faith doesn't matter - we help all the people in need, regardless their faith. In Africa and India we help in education of children of all faiths. We do not ask for it. Some years ago we helped muslim village in Bosnia which suffered during the big flood. So we don't divide people according to their faith.

Association Montessori Internationale

Educateurs sans Frontieres (EsF), a division of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), is a network of Montessori practitioners, working with communities, governments and other partners to advance human development from the prenatal stage to early childhood care and education, continuing through to elementary, adolescence, adulthood and the elderly.

Women Deliver

Women Deliver is a leading global advocate that champions gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women. Our advocacy drives investment—political and financial— in the lives of girls and women. We harness evidence and unite diverse voices to spark commitment to gender equality. And we get results. Anchored in sexual and reproductive health, we advocate for the rights of girls and women across every aspect of their lives.

smartAID in Hebrew is 'Ezra Chachama Laolam'

We work responsibly and effectively to harness the power of innovation and technology to save lives, alleviate suffering and empower communities to live the kind of life they value.

NGO Smart Osvita

Advocating secondary education reform, informing teachers, and supporting their professional growth in line with the reform values as well as promoting the pedagogy of partnership in schools.

Fondation de France

Focused in supporting a modern, effective and global philanthropy.

Federacja Polskich Bankow Zywnosci

The Federation of Polish Food Banks is a public benefit organization whose mission since its establishment 20 years ago has been to prevent food waste and malnutrition in Poland. 31 Food Banks, which operate throughout the country form the Federation of Polish Food Banks. They are all NGOs with the status of an Association. Together, they form an Association with status of public benefit organization. The Federation is a community voluntarily created by various, autonomous Food Banks. Their common values and activities are supported and represented by a democratically elected Board. Food Banks associated in the Federation specialize in obtaining, transporting and distributing food products. Thanks to their large-scale daily operations, they obtain 50,000 tons of food annually, which is then distributed among over 1,600,000 most needy people through 3,500 aid organizations and social institutions. The food is obtained, among others, from producers, farmers, retail chains and as part of food collection campaigns. The organization also actively works to prevent food waste and promote healthy eating through educational activities addressed to various social groups, including social campaigns and workshops. Food wastage has many aspects. It can be considered as a social, ecological and economic problem. From a social perspective, a basic question is that many people do not have access to good quality food that would satisfy their health-related needs. Paradoxically, many people cannot afford to buy food while at the same time tons of whole food are discarded. However, food wastage has above all an adverse effect on the environment. Food production, processing and delivery to shops and homes of consumers entails water, energy and fuel consumption. Discarded food means wasted hectoliters of water and wasted energy used for its production, transport, storage and preparation. Food is wasted at every single stage of its production and distribution with consumers being responsible for over 50% of food wastage. Minimizing the scale of food waste requires actions to be taken to alert people about reasons and consequences of throwing food away. Apart of main activity concentrated on collection and distribution of food, educational projects, research project and initiatives aimed at creation of national law supporting reducing of wasted food belong to our strategic goals. The above additional but also crucial goals are described in document presenting information about three main categories of our activity. Federation of Polish Food Banks realizes its mission through: - Searching for sources of surplus of food, - Acquiring food, including products with a short shelf life, - so-called non - commercial products, incorrectly packaged, whose nutritional value is beyond doubt - Storage of received products and their rational distribution to organizations, not individuals - Promoting attitudes that counteract the utilization of food or food waste - Large-scale initiatives having impact on modifications of national law aimed at reduction of food waste (National Act against waste of food, which came into force on 1th March 2020)

Stowarzyszenie Grupa Stonewall

The Stonewall Group is the largest organization fighting for the rights of LGBT+ people in the Wielkopolska region. The Group has been active since 2015 in the following areas: advocacy, education, help/intervention, culture, and healthcare. The Group comprises 41 members and around 50 volunteers cooperate with us. The board comprises five members. Each of them is responsible for a few areas of activity. Our flagship activity is the Poznan Pride Week festival (we organized a few hundred events in the course of five editions of the festival), which culminated in the Equality March (13,000 people participated in 2019). We help LGBT+ people and their families. For four years now, we have been co-operating with six therapists holding psychological consultations which have been provided for around 200 individuals now. We run five support groups for: youth, transgender people, families of LGBT+ people, bisexual people, and LGBT+ people from Ukraine. We provide legal help for LGBT+ people, who are often victims of hate crimes (the legal help is also partially financed by municipal grants); since 2016 we have provided a few hundred hours of support in total, which also consisted in representing a client. We organize many cultural activities: produce concerts, theatre plays, and organize meetings with authors. We are also active in the area of healthcare - thanks to the grant from the city of Poznan, we are organizing a training project for therapists about so-called ChemSex. In 2019, we were commissioned by Panstwowy Zakad Higieny (State Institute of Hygiene) to conduct research about ChemSex. We provide free testing for HIV, syphilis, and HCV. We train companies about antidiscrimination (e.g., Allegro, Franklin Templeton). In 2019, we organized the first edition of Letnia Akademia Rownosci (Summer Equality Academy) - we visited seven cities in Poland, combating harmful stereotypes about LGBT+ people (funded by Sprite). We conduct business activity - we manage the bar Lokum Stonewall bar which has become not only a meeting place for the Poznan LGBT+ community, but also the main stage of Polish queer culture for such events like weekly drag queen performances. The bar also boosts our visibility - it is located on the main pedestrian street in the center of Poznan ( What is more, as a part of our business activities, we run an online shop ( and organize trainings for companies.

Foundation Aid to Poles in the East

The main statutory goals of the Foundation are: Maintaining Polishness by disseminating the knowledge of the Polish language; Promotion of Polish culture and national traditions; Improvement of the social, professional and material situation of the Polish ethnic group; Protection of Polish cultural heritage in the East; Development of Polish media in the East; Supporting regional and international cooperation, ect.