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To contribute effectively to sustained improvement through increased self-awareness and facilitation of projects, based on the priority needs and capacities of people and other stakeholders and through facilitation of Private Sector Development

AfyaPlus Organization

Afyaplus Mission To cultivate behavior change and build a strong community through the promotion of Water Sanitation and Hygiene services and empowerment of adolescent girls and young women through engaging relevant stakeholders. AfyaPlus Vision "A responsible healthy Tanzanian community free from diseases caused by unsafe water, poor sanitation and hygiene services; and where adolescent girls and young women are empowered". AfyaPlus Values 1. Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Services Improved in Schools and Communities. 2. Adolescent Girls and Young Women are Empowered to Exploit their Potential. 3. AfyaPlus Organizational Capacity Improved


Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network (BMAN) is an international Non-Governmental Organization incorporated in Nigeria and the USA. BMAN was established to cultivate boys and young adult males with the tools to help them navigate the process of becoming positive and empowered adult males who will Love, Inspire, Value and Educate others in their society. The mission of BMAN is to develop boys to standout by standing up, equip boys to be excellent and nonviolent communicators, teach boys ethical literacy, and to train boys to learn and appreciate their own self-worth on their journey to healthy, caring, respectful and responsible manhood.

Educate SA Foundation NPC

Our mission is to provide technical skills to youth and women from previously disadvantaged communities. Skills that assist our beneficiaries build sustainable livelihoods.

Green land Group

The program mission is well dedicating to the well community informed, community with free from poverty and community with green climate. The project which is named as the forest restoration and food production is the mission which is investing in poverty alleviation in the community and food production through restoration of both forest landscape and agricutural lands which belonging to the small holder farmers in the community of Lushoto district. Due to the presence of deference deforestation activities in the community of Lushoto district especially at the one among of forest reserve which is known as the Magamba forest reserve which is the reserve that has been degradated and received massive deforestation due to the presence of huge charcoal burning, presence of lumbering industry at the forest has resulted to the degradation of the Magamba forest reserve which more than 12 Hector's each year is loosing due to these activities. These has therefore affected the agricutural activities in the community of Lushoto district where by 25% of agriculture activities has been decreasing since 2017. The problem has seems to cause poverty and hunger due to the reductions of soil fertility and reductions of the land productivity at the farmers plots. Through this problem has caused hard difficult to more than 1000 woman's at the community of Lushoto district where by 55% of woman's at three villages are widows and adults who are suffering from this poverty and hunger which has been caused by these actions of soil degradation and deforestation of forest landscape and agricutural lands. Due to these problems the program has been invest the energy to remove this action such as: The project has decided to combat these activities through production of fruits tree and hard woods trees to the farmers especially more woman's who are widows and adults where we are going to produce more than 50000 native trees .The 30000 trees will be produced and planted to the Magamba forest reserve which has been degradated to restore it's biordevesty and allow proper soil strength. Also 20000 is going to be produced as fruits trees such as avocados fruits, apples, macadamia nuts, peaches, which is going to be supplied to the more than 1000 woman's at the Lushoto district community to increase the soil fertility of their agricutural land and to increase land productivity for the purpose of develop their agricutural harvesting and generate their income. Also this program is going to engage establishment of organic food gardens to the 500 disability woman's at their farms land such as spinach, carrots, tomatoes to increase the nutrition and to develop their economic situation due to the fact that the gardens are economic favorite to the community nutrition. Since the project is aiming to reduce poverty and allow the food production we are also going to develop irrigation system at the farmers land to those who we will develop the vegetables gardens to enable them access easy irrigation system through trapping of flowing water and collection of dams which are around the farmers plots. The project is also going to make sure that it's develop the mission through the training and awerness rising to the farmers where by farmers are going to be trained on: Well crop rotation Well crop diversity Well crop management Agroforestry development Water harvesting and animals husbandry Through this it will provide education and learning to the farmers who will turn there behavior and applied these well method of farming without destroy the natural resources. Also through this program the project is engaging the groups like youths, local schools,land owners. Through engagement of school students the project is going to engage more than 10 schools which will touch more than 500 students to train them on how to produce seedlings and how to maintain then. The project will opening different micro nursery trees in the 10 schools for more education and learning to increase the restoration knowledge to the students and their teachers where by 1000 trees are expected to be produced in each school for more Plantations at their school surrounding and some will be taken to their home for more agroforestry plantations. Also the program is going to use 4 workshop annually and opening 10 environment and food production clubs at school and frequently debates to increase the skills and scaling up the idea of forest landscape restoration and food production. The project is also using conference with land owners, government authorities and other stakeholders who we are discussing on how to cover the problem which is covering our community. Also this is dealing with discussion with land owners on how to practice sustainable use of land during their land consumption. Also water resources conservation is the project mission where by the project is generate and contribute to the 3 water resources which has been degradated and which are dependable by farmers for their plots irrigation and their vegetables irrigation through this fact the project through the partnership with global giving is going to conserve 7 water resources which has been degradated by different calamities including allowing of livestock passing and cutting down of the natives trees that surrounding the water resources . This will be through removing of invasive speceis and plastic materials and bags at the farmers water resources to develop the irrigation system to their agricutural plots and the whole community. Through the population engagement in this project activities such as tree planting, awarness and education provision will help to alleviate the poverty and develop the agricutural activities through empowerment of woman's in agroforestry empowerment.

Wakefulness Orphans And Widows Tanzania (WOWT or WOW Tanzania)

Wakefulness Orphans and Widows Tanzania (Wow Tanzania or WOWT) is a National NGO that focuses on creating economical sustainability by providing jobs, entrepreneurial training, and education sponsorships for children and women. We focus on at-risk and disadvantaged youth between the ages of 7-23 years old, orphans, street children, single mothers, and working-age widows. We have a sponsor-a-child program for the poorest children in Tanzania, to provide food, clean water, clothes, health care, school sponsorships, and whatever the child needs to grow, be healthy, and finish school. Through our training programs, we teach the importance of living for the well-being of the community and just for ourselves.

action medeor International Healthcare gGmbH

The corporate objective and purpose of the action medeor International Healthcare gGmbH consists of providing development aid and contributing towards understanding among nations. The Company provides development aid in the countries of Africa, South and Latin America, Asia and Oceania, in all fields of healthcare, particularly: a) by creating understanding for the situation of people in the said countries. b) by dispatching free of charge medicines or medical appliances and consumables to health facilities, benefitting people in need. c) by having produced or by purchasing worldwide medicines, medical appliances or consumables and by dispatching them to the distribution depots, hospitals, care units or physicians in the said countries in consideration of a fee which covers the Company's expenses. d) by making available pharmaceutical or medical expert advice to distribution depots, hospitals, care units or physicians in the said countries in consideration of a fee covering the Company's expenses. The objective of pharmaceutical and medical expert advice consists of enabling pharmaceutical enterprises to have drugs examined and analysed for their pharmaceutical quality. Futhermore, we offer consultation as a competent partner of pharmaceutical and medical expert knowledge with relevant experience as regards the manufacture of drugs and their use.


To address the key challenges hindering girls' participation in education and equipping skills and knowledge that help girls solve their social and economic problems.

Okoa Maisha Ya Watoto (OMAWA)

Mission. To support the education of vulnerable children and thereby create livelihood and reduce poverty in the rural districts in Tanzania Vision A Tanzania in which every vulnerable child attains the right to attend school at every level - primary, secondary and vocational training Core Values Accountability: We take personal responsibility for using our resources efficiently, achieving measurable results and being accountable to donors, partners, community and most of all children. Ambition: We are demanding of ourselves and our colleagues, set high goals, and are committed to improving the quality of everything we do for children. Collaboration: We respect and value each other, thrive on our diversity and work with partners to leverage our national strength in making a difference for children. Creativity: We are open to new ideas, embrace change and take disciplined risks to develop sustainable solutions for and with children. Integrity: We aspire to live to the highest standards of personal honesty and behavior; we never compromise our reputation and always act in the best interests of children. Principles Our Principles are operating standards that guide our actions and their adoption and implementation is obligatory and should be demonstrable. Participation: All of our actions guarantee and promote the right to participation of children and those who support them. We also foster a participatory culture within our organization. Non-discrimination: Our work is built upon the belief that all children should have the opportunity to fulfill their rights, irrespective of age, sex, gender, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, race, religious or political beliefs, disability, physical or mental health, socio-economic background, or any other aspect of their background or identity Transparency: We base our work on honesty, responsibility and maximum access to information regarding the management of resources and the impact of our actions, in pursuit of the highest level of social and economic accountability. Dynamic spirit: We have the capacity to adapt and be creative in our response, seeking innovation and quality in our action. Advocacy: Local level advocacy, linked to national and global policy processes will lead to better governance and social accountability for improved service delivery as well as increased demand and utilization of social services.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust

The Endangered Wildlife Trust is dedicated to conserving threatened species and ecosystems in southern Africa to the benefit of all people.

Mother Child Education Foundation

Since its establishment in 1993, ACEV's mission has been to make a lasting contribution to society by supporting the development of children and their environments through education starting from early years. Spanning early childhood, parenting, and adult literacy, ACEV's training programs have targeted all stages of human development and all members of the family from early childhood to parenthood. Our programs have common goals of reducing disparities and addressing inequalities in various domains: as our preschool programs target equal opportunity, bridging the socioeconomic gap in school readiness and academic success by accessing disadvantaged children; our literacy and parent support programs address gender equality. ACEV serves communities in need with carefully designed early childhood and adult education programs. ACEV believes that equal opportunity in education must be created for all individuals, education must begin in the early years and continue throughout the entire life cycle, both children and their families need to be supported for lasting positive outcomes.

Tanzania Social Light Foundation (TSLF)

MISSION: Our mission is to support livelihood challenged communities to sustainably improve their standard of living through community empowerment approaches for human development in partnership with stakeholders. VISION To have a country where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive and owns his or her future life regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, race, religion or location. OBJECTIVES AND MANDATE The objectives of TSLF as stipulated in the organization's constitution are; - 1. Promotion of access to basic social Services such as Quality Education, Health care, infrastructure, Water and Sanitation. 2. Advocate for Women, youth, Girls, People Living with HIV/AIDS, People with Disability and Children's rights. 3. Raising awareness on Environmental Conservation, Protection and Rehabilitation. 4. Empower the Community embrace development initiative and economically. 5. Improving agriculture by promoting sustainable farming systems which are environmentally sound, economically viable and socially acceptable, which will improve agricultural productivity and market opportunities for small holder farmers and promote sustainable agriculture, control over land and other natural resources. CORE VALUES Our Core Values Commitment describes who we are, what we do, and how we do it. It reflects our Core Values of Equity, Respect, Integrity, collaboration, Innovation, Teamwork, and Commitment; - Equity: Everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Respect: We respect the rights and dignity of every human being and community irrespective of their social standing. Integrity: We uphold transparency, accountability and efficiency in dealing with others and within. Collaboration: We work with others in a dedicated manner towards the achievement of common goals. Innovation: We build a reflection and learning culture as we strive to evolve and share best practice. Teamwork: we value working together for positive change. Commitment: We are committed to performing tasks accurately and in timely manner.