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Global Changemakers Association

Global Changemakers works to an unshakable mission of supporting young people to create a positive change towards a more just, fair and sustainable world. We do this through skills development, capacity building, mentoring and grants.

Andover Trees United
Andover Trees United

Growing a Wood - Growing Community - Growing Knowledge and Understanding 10 years - 10,000 children - 10,000 trees This is a conservation project that has its eye set firmly on the need for future environmental stewardship. Planetary conservation and protection of biodiversity needs more champions than ever before and the young people in our society are the decision-makers of tomorrow. With a growing disconnect between young people in urban communities and the natural environment, it is more important than ever before to put them at the heart of environmental projects. We have formed a COMMUNITY of 25 local schools, youth groups, volunteers and businesses working in partnership together and with specialist environmental organisations. Our aim over the decade 2012-2021 is to involve every young person in our community in creating new woodland, somewhere to relax, to enjoy, to learn. Once the 12-acre wood is complete, tree planting will continue through partnerships with local landowners as we plant outwards from Harmony Woods creating green corridors that link to nearby woodland and copses. We offer regular volunteering in nature for all irrespective of age or ability and offer training in green crafts, including coppicing, constantly striving to grow the volunteer base both in numbers and capacity. The first 5 years were spent establishing the project; the second 5 years is about realising its potential, a major part of which is to support 6 of our 25 schools to develop programmes of outdoor learning linked to arts and science and based on the wood that their students are helping to plant. We are currently fundraising to employ an education officer, fund outdoor learning programmes led by local artists and convert a pair of steel containers into an off-grid woodland 'Cabin', an all-seasons base for volunteers and a teaching space for all, connecting people to nature and local heritage.