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Equality Now

Equality Now creates linkages between the voices and experiences of women and girls and the governmental, community and private institutions that govern their lives; mobilizes national and international public pressure on behalf of their stated needs; and brings together individuals and organizations sharing this common vision of human equality.

Women Deliver

Women Deliver is a leading global advocate that champions gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women. Our advocacy drives investment—political and financial— in the lives of girls and women. We harness evidence and unite diverse voices to spark commitment to gender equality. And we get results. Anchored in sexual and reproductive health, we advocate for the rights of girls and women across every aspect of their lives.

International Society For The Prevention Of Child Abuse And Neglect


HERA (Her Equality Rights and Autonomy)

Her Equality Rights and Autonomy's (HERA) overall aims are: (1) to prevent trafficking and re-trafficking of young women; (2) to assist trafficked and other women survivors of violence, conflict, and exploitation build on the resilience they have demonstrated to achieve their ambitions for a better life; and (3) to engage the business community in countering trafficking and support women's entrepreneurship.

ChildAid to Eastern Europe

ChildAid transforms the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged babies, children and young people in Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. In conjunction with local partners we provide direct services to those who are abandoned, abused, disabled, neglected or from the poorest of families. We provide free rehabilitative treatment, social and educational inclusion programmes, life and vocational skills training, foster parenting promotion & support network plus practical assistance.

Mission Bambini

Our mission is to aid and support children suffering from poverty, sickness, lack of education or who have experienced physical or moral violence, by offering them the opportunity and the hope of a new life. It is an independent, lay organisation and is also designated an ONLUS (Non-profit organisation of social value). It operates without discrimination of culture, ethnicity and religion and upholds the United Nations rights of the child. The Foundation works around the world and is closest to the weakest and most neglected children offering them food, medicine, health care, education and programmes for social reintegration. In pursuing its goal, Mission Bambini is inspired by the following values: freedom, justice, truth, respect for others and solidarity.

Global Changemakers Association

Global Changemakers works to an unshakable mission of supporting young people to create a positive change towards a more just, fair and sustainable world. We do this through skills development, capacity building, mentoring and grants.


femLENS' mission is to visually educate and make technologically aware the most vulnerable and resourceless women of our society through documentary photography made accessible by mobile phone cameras and cheaper point and shoot cameras.

CoderDojo Foundation

Our purpose is to create the worlds leading network of affiliated coding clubs for young people. Our goals are to support, develop and scale CoderDojo to inspire young coders around the world.


to favour access to education and vocational training in developing countries, with local communities' involvement and particiaption. to develop a social awareness of the young through experiences of condivision, work in favour of the needy. our goals are: make families aware of the importance of their children's school education; set up infrastructions to satisfy primary needs and facilitate school attendance; provide adequate training for teachers; favour local employement through vocational courses; favour the participation to experiences of voluntary work; build network of volunteers' groups.

Association for Education Neoumanist

Improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable groups of society (elderly, people with disabilities, women) through providing basic necessities and medical, social and spiritual assistance. Neoumanist Association provides residential care, home visits and day treatment to over one hundred elderly in the district of Straseni in the Republic of Moldova. Our beneficiaries are typically impoverished, vulnerable, and without family support and many of them are chronically ill and homebound. The Neoumanist Association serves the most vulnerable groups in the community (especialy the elderly and disabled) with the following goals: to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable groups in Moldova, to help the community respect and value humanity, to help people attain harmony and a decent standard of living. The "Neoumanist" Association for Education is a NGO (non-governmental organization) that was registered in the Republic of Moldova in November 2000 by the Ministry of Justice. Since 2003 AE Neoumanist has established four major projects: 1. Rasarit Day Care Centre in the rural town of Straseni, in 2003 2. Spectru Home for senior citizens in the rural town of Straseni, in 2005 3. Home Care serving the outlying villages of Straseni district, in 2007 4. Mobile Meals for the neediest elderly, in 2012. Each of these projects provides high quality services and assistance to socially vulnerable elderly people in Straseni and Straseni district. The basic features characterizing the target group are: 1. Compromised psychological health as a result of untreated depression, feelings of despair and hopelessness, and lack of social interaction and loneliness; gender and ethnic discrimination. 2. Malnutrition caused by insufficient income with the attendant inability to purchase nutritious, high-caloric foods, as well as the great difficulty of obtaining and preparing food because of physical disability or other deficiencies; 3. Unsanitary living conditions resulting, again, from insufficient income to purchase cleaning and hygiene supplies and the difficulty of obtaining and utilizing these supplies because of physical disability or other deficiencies. Neoumanist Association understands that, in order to truly help seniors live rich and full lives, we must assist them in satisfying their basic needs before they can attend to issues of justice, equality, and fairness. Through the provision of socio -medical services and supplementary social activities to disadvantaged seniors, Neoumanist strives to promote social and gender equity in Moldova. A person living in extreme poverty, without adequate food or shelter, cannot effectively participate in civil society. Through meeting those basic needs, we enable them to become, in time, more engaged and vocal participants within their communities.