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Compartiendo Nuestras Bendiciones ONG

Compartiendo Nuestras Bendiciones ONG ensures that the people of San Andres Itzapa, Guatemala and the surrounding communities fully reach their God given potential. We believe that where you were born shouldn't determine whether you flourish in life or whether you merely just get by. We give people the tools they need to achieve their goals, to reach their dreams and to live with dignity.

SODIS Foundation

To develop and promote solutions for improving drinking water quality and health. For achieving this, we cooperate with the private, public and development sector in order to benefit people in Latin America.

Asociacion Tu'ik Ruch' Lew

Tuik Ruch Lew's mission is to implement sustainable solutions to the environmental, health, and development challenges which threaten the livelihood of the Maya people living in the Lake Atitlan Basin.

Corporacion Todos Podemos

We train talented and motivated people who want to start o develop a business with positive social and environmental impact, enabling them to become Change-makers and role-models while addressing the needs of their communities!