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Asociacion Cultural para el Desarrollo Integral, A.C.D.I.

Its mission is to promote the dignity of the person through development activities, with special attention to education. ACDI recognizes the uniqueness of each person, who cannot be reduced to a number within an anonymous category such as "the poor, the sick, the disabled". Furthermore, every person and every community represents a resource, regardless of their vulnerability. This is why ACDI works to help people in becoming aware of their own value and dignity.

Fundacion Omar Dengo

Contribute to the improvement of the quality and equity of learning opportunities of the population to enhance their human development, through innovative educational proposals and models focused on people and the use of digital technologies.

SODIS Foundation

To develop and promote solutions for improving drinking water quality and health. For achieving this, we cooperate with the private, public and development sector in order to benefit people in Latin America.