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IsraAID's mission is to effectively support and meet the changing needs of populations as they move from crisis to reconstruction, rehabilitation, and eventually, to sustainable living. This commitment is expressed in emergency relief and sustainable development, with an emphasis on the transition between them.

International Network for Cancer Research and Treatment (INCTR)

INCTR is dedicated to helping to build capacity for cancer prevention, treatment (including palliative care) and research and to improve access to needed care in order to lessen the suffering and limit the number of lives lost from cancer in developing countries.

The African Library and Information Associations and Institutions (AfLIA

To empower the library and information community to actively promote the African development agenda through dynamic services that transform livelihoods.

CoderDojo Foundation

Our purpose is to create the worlds leading network of affiliated coding clubs for young people. Our goals are to support, develop and scale CoderDojo to inspire young coders around the world.

Mountains of hope childrens ministries

Mission statement: Empowering communities who work to ensure that children growing up in poverty get good health and an excellent education. Founding principles: We efficiently respond to the urgent needs of orphans and vulnerable children and the communities they live in. We believe that education is one of the fundamentals of success. By paying for students' school fees and providing scholastic materials (ie. school uniforms), we increase the opportunity for educational achievement.

Kole Intellectual Forum

To contribute towards post conflict reconstruction of Northern Uganda through, coordinate action research, modern telecommunication system and entrepreneurship skills.

Centre for Youth Driven Development Initiatives

The Centre for Youth Driven Development Initiatives (CFYDDI) is a registered community based organization which arose out of the desire to improve the livelihoods of local young people, children and women. We aim to inspire young people to take charge of their own affairs; we extend opportunities to them and provide them with information resources, and social services. We also aim to connect rural communities to the outside world, drawing on global initiatives to scale down the HIV/AIDS epidemic as well as to improve the livelihoods among the youthful generations in previously under-served communities of Uganda. CFYDDI is an independent and equal opportunities CBO dedicated to empower the young people, organizations, institutions and communities at the grassroots. CFYDDI was established upon realizing that young people are the country's largest demographic group and have an enormous potential for creativity and innovation and our hopes for sustainable development should be pinned on them. In Uganda alone, 49% of the population are under the age of 15 years. By investing in youth across Africa, the continent cannot remain the same. The impact of millions of young people becoming engaged in several projects will stimulate the capacities of all sectors thus rekindling a social and economic transformation in Uganda, Africa and the World at large. By increasing the skills, innovative approaches, and entrepreneurial potential of young people, particularly young women, we can hope to realise the demographic dividend. CFYDDI VISION A world where all communities are able to realize their potential in the fight against poverty, hunger, diseases, illiteracy and stigma. MISSION STATEMENT To empower young people, children and women on matters concerning socio-economic development and pro-active community participation so as to reduce poverty, hunger, diseases, illiteracy and stigma. CFYDDI's primary target population are youth, children and women as these groups are most often excluded from opportunities to enhance their livelihoods. There is a need to empower these individuals to address the growing challenges faced in the community and domestic environment that are the result of the position society has given them. In particular, women are subjected to domestic violence but because of their financial hardships and limited potential for economic development they have no choice but to stay in such relationships to survive, risking their health and well-being. Similarly, young people cannot always attain a high level of education and that which is taught does not provide essential skills and resources that enable young people to gain financial independence and contribute to the development of their society. Organizations Objectives The long term objectives of CFYDDI include: - To provide an opportunity to access information through an established Resource Education Centre with a modern communication technology mechanism. - To research, document and disseminate information on topical issues and concerns affecting the young people and communities at large. - To promote better health standards, leadership skills and inter- personal relationships within the community locally, nationally and internationally. - To equip young people with contemporary job skills for self help and employment.


Safeplan Uganda is a youth-founded and focused organization addressing the challenges youth face in finding employment opportunities in Uganda. The organization's main purpose "is empowering young people through skills and awareness to enhance their potential in becoming responsible citizens" - in short, create sustainable jobs for young people. The organization achieves its purpose through five broad program areas: Health, Environmental Awareness, Education, Gender, and ICT (Information and Communications Technology). Mission Statement We are committed to the enhancement of holistic care and assist urban dwellers and particularly rural youth and women, their local leaders and communities through networking and partnership. VISION To ensure a sound and social economically productive society where young people and other vulnerable citizens live and deliver to their full potential. Overall Goal An enlighten and empower communities working together to build a sustainable future for all Ugandan people Description of the activities The organization is strongly community oriented; it actively engages with youths, women, community elders and church leaders to help identify youths below 30 years of age, targeting nearly all school dropouts, for its programs. Safeplan Uganda is geared towards "supplementing what the government is doing for the local youth" as it recognizes that the government is not able to fully support what the "community youth need and deserve". Safeplan's understanding that "there is a need to help the youth help themselves" has led to its programming in livelihoods skills training. There are three programs at Safeplan currently: 1 - Technical skills training (carpentry and tailoring) 2 - Energy-efficient cook stoves Promoting renewable energy products across the district 3 - Budongo Women Bee Enterprise (BUWOBE) (the Prize-winning activity) Reports & Updates 1- Technical skills training-up to 50 youths have been training in Carpentry and tailoring since 2017 with the merger resources in the organization with community support. The youths are trained locally and supported to acquire national certificate from the Directorate of Industrial Training accredited certifying body by the government of Uganda. 2- Promotion of energy efficient cooking technology-more than 500 solar lantern have been sold since 2017, 12,000 cook stoves sold to community to reduce fuel consumption. More than 1000 women trained in construction of energy cooking technology in refugee settlement camps in northern Uganda Arua District. 3-Budongo women Bee enterprise-(BUWOBE) the two time award winning project has reached more than 300 women with bee keeping skills since 2014. To date the project is empowering 30 more youths and women with skills in bee keeping, business and leadership skills in Nyantonzi village. This particular project has been made possible by YouthPower learning program PROUDLY support by the United State Agency for International Development. (USAID)

Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa Foundation

Vision "To love and enable youth through hope and opportunity" * Mission To enable youths through holistic youth development programs where education and access to finances converge to enable sustainable independence To implement an inclusive and innovative approach that brings clear results and measurable impact. To inspire and enable other like-minded organisations by fostering public - private partnership

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Share Child Opportunity Eastern and Northen Uganda (SCOEN)

To attain gender equality in a Ugandan local community through promoting the social, political, educational and economic participation of women and children in community development programs. SCOEN strives to create a future in which all Ugandan women will be viewed and treated equally as men in all aspects of life; political, economic, social, educational and culturally. We will also seek to continue our role as advocates of children and women's rights, promoter of their capacities and driving force of social change, promoting their participation in the decisions that affect their lives, and amplifying their voices for peace and security at the regional, national and global levels.


To build structures to support the education of critically vulnerable children/ school dropout youth in the affected community.

Sadhguru Schools

Our mission is to invigorate a new generation of rural African youth to become changemakers, dedicated to improving the communities and world they inhabit.