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School of arts for unprivileged children Dedal

The aim of Dedal has been to establish an art centre where children from disadvantaged backgrounds can overcome social isolation by developing their skills and talents. Dedal provides free classes in the art and sciences for children from orphanages, single-parent families, and foster families, as well as for children with minor disabilities. In addition to free access, the centre provides the diverse social environment necessary for promoting social integration. During their regular visits to Dedal, children work actively with professional artists and build lasting friendships with kids from diverse family backgrounds. Apart from participating in classes, the children enjoy multiple opportunities to present their achievements at public exhibitions. In addition to the association's prominent role as a diver of cultural and social development, and its political independence, Dedal is made unique by the voluntary service of all of its staff members

Bulgarian English Speech and Debate Tournaments Foundation

Mission statement: By providing English-language speech and debate tournaments, student leadership opportunities, and international programming to Bulgarian high school students, the BEST Foundation promotes critical thinking skills and free thought so as to foster a community of engaged, democratically-minded citizens who are committed to creating a bright future for Bulgaria. Vision: We believe that words are powerful, and can engage diverse viewpoints to contribute to the well-being of societies. Programs: BEST accomplishes its mission through the following activities: - providing speech and debate tournaments to Bulgarian and foreign students - supporting teachers and coaches with curriculum and trainings - creating student-centered leadership opportunities - informing and educating students about local and global issues and ideas - fostering a network of citizens who envision and are working toward a bright future for Bulgaria Impact: Though no two experiences through BEST are alike, the following characterizes significant patterns of change experienced through participation in BEST's programming: 1) Exposure: Through BEST, participants are exposed to new ideas, views, and perspectives. 2) Conviction: Participants then begin to care about certain ideas that they have been exposed to. 3) Education: Once they find an idea they care more about, they begin to learn more about this idea, and become more critically aware of what is going on. 4) Action: Based on what participants have learned and care about, they take action. Action can take many different forms.

Foundation Nana Gladwish - One in 8

Our mission is to help early detection of breast cancer and to reach women diagnosed with breast cancer by providing free of charge information, psychological, emotional and practical support. It is of the utmost importance for us that women with breast cancer and their loved ones maintain their quality of life and continue to be successful and full-fledged part of the society.

Animal Spay and Neuter International


Association Montessori Internationale

Educateurs sans Frontieres (EsF), a division of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), is a network of Montessori practitioners, working with communities, governments and other partners to advance human development from the prenatal stage to early childhood care and education, continuing through to elementary, adolescence, adulthood and the elderly.

Timothy Syndrome Alliance (TSA)

To improve the diagnosis, treatment and care of individuals worldwide with CACNA1C-related disorders, including Timothy Syndrome and LongQT8, and to support the families of those diagnosed.

Women Deliver

Women Deliver is a leading global advocate that champions gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women. Our advocacy drives investment—political and financial— in the lives of girls and women. We harness evidence and unite diverse voices to spark commitment to gender equality. And we get results. Anchored in sexual and reproductive health, we advocate for the rights of girls and women across every aspect of their lives.

Foundation for Access to Rights - FAR

The Foundation for Access to Rights-FAR is a Bulgarian non-governmental organization founded by Ph.D. attorney-at-law Valeria Ilareva in the public interest in 2013. Our mission is to guarantee practical access to rights and effective protection against arbitrary deprivation of rights. We stand for the establishment of effective mechanisms to ensure access to rights in practice and effective protection against arbitrary deprivation of rights; increasing the institutional and public awareness, sensitivity and commitment to the need to address systemic problems in access to fundamental human rights in Bulgaria; development of a favourable legislative environment in line with European and international standards for the protection of human rights and the establishment of best practices on access to rights. Our main activities are: LEGAL AID We provide legal aid to migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and stateless people in situations revealing systemic problems in access to rights where the solution of these problems would lead to enhanced social justice. Our lawyers provide legal consultations, written opinions and assistance, and procedural representation before judicial and administrative bodies. RESEARCH We conduct independent professional research on access to rights in Bulgaria. ADVOCACY Through advocacy events and meetings and the production of media campaigns, we increase the institutional and public awareness, sensitivity and commitment to the need to address systemic problems in access to fundamental human rights. Thus we contribute to developing a favourable (legislative) environment in line with European and international standards for protecting human rights and establishing best practices on access to rights. SHARING KNOWLEDGE Informing the public and the media about the findings and recommendations of studies conducted, as well as on the existence of barriers to access to rights. Providing training, printed and digital resources for students, lawyers, judges, volunteers, and the staff of institutions working with refugees and immigrants.

Champions Factory

Champions Factory mission is to empower individuals to reach their full potential through the transformative power of sports. We firmly believe that every person has the ability to become a champion in their own right, and we are dedicated to equipping them with the necessary tools, resources, and support to achieve their goals and aspirations.


Founded in 1980, Medecins du Monde is an international medical solidarity NGO that works tirelessly to defend a fair and universal health care system. We are committed to providing care to the most vulnerable populations, to denouncing rejection, discrimination, and violations of human dignity and rights, and to campaigning for sustainable improvements in health policies for all.

Bulgarian organization of voluntary blood donation/

Every day more than 600 people in Bulgaria have a life-saving need for blood and blood products, because of accidents, emergency life-saving procedures, surgical interventions, childbirths, different cancers and many other diseases that need blood for treatment. Their lives are directly dependent on securing the necessary quantities of safe human blood which can be obtained ONLY through DONATION OF BLOOD because BLOOD has NO substitute! Unfortunately, Bulgaria is currently in one of the last places in Europe when it comes to donating blood. Most people donate blood only for relatives or friends who are in need and the true number of genuine voluntary blood donors is less than 25% of all blood donors. Due to the very limited amount of blood donors, hospitals force patients to find donors before they can have a required treatment (the so-called "replacement donor system", which poses significant problems to the patients and their families. Also, this highly questionable practice has led to the growth of an ugly black market for blood donors.). We hope that with our joint efforts we will be able to change this situation. BULGARIAN ORGANIZATION OF VOLUNTARY BLOOD DONATION is a non-profit association operating in public interest done by volunteers. We are the first Bulgarian association working entirely to encourage and promote regular, anonymous, voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation. We believe that blood donation is one of the most humane acts. We also believe that our cause is extremely important for every human being because the shortage of blood could affect everyone. In our daily activities we provide information about blood donation, answer questions and give support; help in cases of an urgent need for blood; organize blood drives and campaigns to educate and inspire people to donate. In 2013 BOVBD launched the first-of-its-kind for Bulgaria long-term project called "Donate Blood", aimed at promoting and facilitating voluntary blood donation and helping those in need of blood for themselves or their relatives. The core of this project lies with the "Donate Blood" system, entirely managed and administrated by BOVBD. The system is a sort of dual registry and has two main functionalities that are interlinked - on one side for the people who are voluntary blood donors or wish to become such and help, and on the other - for everyone who needs blood. The system is extremely useful for finding blood donors on time. It is an innovative and very effective tool to at least partially fulfil the need for blood in Bulgaria and to help when the need is urgent. "Donate blood" can be used completely free through our mobile phone applications for iPhone and Android. Every user has constant access to important and useful information about blood donation, offered through the BOVBD website -, including the prerequisites and contradictions for donating blood, addresses and contact details for blood centres in the country, blood collection campaigns that are ongoing or upcoming, etc. Our ambition is to upgrade the applications with additional functionalities when we have enough funding. By focusing the public attention on the problems that arise from the lack of information on blood donation and its importance, from the insufficient number of voluntary blood donors and the risks of paid donors, we are working together to resolve them. The World Health Organization proclaims voluntary blood donation as the safest method for collecting the necessary quantities of blood and blood products needed in everyday healthcare. We hope and work for so that one day there will be enough voluntary blood donors and we, our kids, our parents and everyone who needs blood or could find himself in need of blood to be sure that there is enough safe blood that would help to save his life.

Time Heroes Foundation

The TimeHeroes Foundation was founded in 2011 with the goal to build and develop the volunteering culture in Bulgaria. Today the organisation runs the largest volunteering platform in Bulgaria - By the end of January 2018, has matched 638 organisations which need support for their causes with over 40 000 individuals who wish to donate their time and skills. So far the volunteers have taken part 65 379 times in 1400 volunteering initiatives (called missions) in 175 towns across Bulgaria. The platform is the main, and often sole, source for Bulgarian nonprofit organizations and active citizens to recruit volunteers. To achieve our mission to develop Bulgaria's volunteering culture, we run several further projects. ANNUAL AWARDS We established the annual volunteering awards THE HEROES, which reward outstanding volunteers, organisers, responsible companies and media (after open nominations), and promote and stimulate volunteering as a whole. In 2017 a jury selected 23 of the 226 nominees and these were announced at an official ceremony that was widely covered in media, was attended by 250+ guests and was streamed 26 000 times. YOUTH VOLUNTEERING We are growing a network of school and university volunteer clubs across the country. Over 30 clubs are currently active with 500+ student members organising their own community-based initiatives or supporting existing volunteer missions held by local nonprofits. SENIORS' VOLUNTEER PHONE LINE We operate a National Volunteers' Phone Line volunteering telephone line as an alternative to the website for people without access to the internet or a computer, mainly targeting seniors and retirees. This project aims to tackle the pervasive societal isolation in this age group in Bulgaria. CAPACITY BUILDING Through workshops and systematised good practices we are actively building the capacity of Bulgarian nongovernmental organisations for working with volunteers. In 2015-2016 we collected and systematised the experience of 250 Bulgarian NGOs working with volunteers. We are sharing this know-how in a wiki platform, a 100-page handbook and a series of workshops. Over 1000 NGOs have received the handbook, about 100 have so far participated in our highly-rated workshops. We also fundraise and distribute monthly small grants enabling volunteer involvement in causes.