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The mission of Ayúdame3D is to create and provide 3D-printed prosthetic devices to people with limb differences, regardless of their socioeconomic status. The organization aims to promote a culture of inclusion, empowerment, and innovation, by leveraging technology, education, and community engagement. Ayúdame3D envisions a world where every person with a disability has access to affordable and functional assistive devices that enable them to live with dignity, independence, and full participation in society.


DESA is a civil society organization that works on sustainable social, economic, cultural and ecological empowerment and community building. DESA actively responds to the needs of citizens, and especially provides support to socially sensitive groups that it includes in the social life of the local community. DESA strengthens social capital, especially the role of women and young people as bearers of positive changes in society. DESA's mission is realized through information, awareness, lifelong learning and education, consulting, volunteering and direct work in the community.

Udruga Krijesnica

Vision A society in which the family of a child suffering from a malignant disease has equal access, during and after treatment, to all relevant systems which meet the individual needs of a child and family. Mission Firefly is a leading Croatian organization which provides assistance to children suffering from malignant diseases as well as their families by providing support and empowerment programs, raising public awareness, advocacy and lobbying with the help of volunteers, all of which is based on the experience of young people who underwent treatment for malignant diseases and their parents. Main objective: The objective of the Association is to improve the quality of life, social inclusion as well as the rights of children and youths who are suffering from malignant diseases, their families and youths who underwent treatment for malignant diseases during their childhood.

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Youth and Student Organisation

IGLYO - The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) Youth & Student Organisation is the world's largest LGBTQI youth and student network, counting more than 100 Member Organisations in over 40 countries across the Council of Europe Region. IGLYO's mission is to strengthen the rights of LGBTQI youth, fight for equality and inclusion, and empower LGBTQI youth voices. IGLYO represents the diverse rights and intersectional needs of LGBTQI young people and works hard to ensure that their futures are bright. We achieve our objectives through international training and events, targeted capacity building programmes, intercultural exchanges and peer learning, thematic research and advocacy actions, online tools and resources, digital story-telling and campaigning, networking activities, and more. Since our establishment in 1984, IGLYO has been growing steadily with new Members joining every year. Our Members are organisations who represent and/or support LGBTQI youth and/or students, work with LGBTQI youth or issues, comprise mainly of LGBTQI youth, or have a specific department working for/with youth.

I Wish STEM company

I Wish is a volunteer led global initiative to inspire young females (aged 14-17) to explore a career in STEM. I Wish has evolved since its inception in 2015 from being a once a year Showcase to an all year-round showcase of opportunities in STEM. I Wish is now multi-faceted. It comprises of Showcase Events both in person and streamed virtually in addition to providing a STEM information resource for students and teachers campus weeks with 5 Higher Education Institutes, an alumni circle building stem bridges from primary to secondary and on to Higher Education and through our Survey a policy driver for government and stakeholders in STEM. The Showcase Events comprise: 1. a Conference Zone where the students hear from women and men forging careers in STEM, from groundbreaking researchers to entrepreneurs, data scientists and engineers; and 2. an interactive Exhibition Zone where the students can engage with STEM industries and higher education from leaders in their field like Dell, Trinity, ARUP, Aer Lingus, DIT to entrepreneurs and creatives working in STEM; 3. a Teach IT Zone designed as a resource for teachers; 4. a Create IT Zone demonstrating the creative side of STEM; 5. a Build IT Zone promoting female entrepreneurs in STEM. Since 2015 the I Wish Showcase Events have turned the heads of over 50,000 girls towards STEM and empowered them to become the next generation of thought leaders, innovators and game changers in our ever changing world.

Croatian Guide Dog and Mobility Association

By realizing its goals, the Association promotes basic human rights and the quality of life of blind and other disabled people, as well as children with developmental difficulties, creating conditions for their social inclusion in the community. The Association's mission is to raise society's awareness of the rights, possibilities and needs of people with disabilities, which contributes to the senzibilization of the community and the increase of the number of independent people, through improving their mobility and quality of everyday life. The association bases its work with individuals, informal groups and non-profit organizations, the business sector, local, regional and state authorities on the principles of empowerment, self-help, education, active involvement, launching positive initiatives, encouraging cooperation, mutual respect and respect for diversity, creating a sustainable model of organizational development civil society. It encourages and develops the self-advocacy role of its members in the promotion of human rights in the context of the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, legal regulations and national strategic documents. It provides mechanisms for the application of prescribed standards and criteria for the work of users with their assigned assistance dogs.


UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is a global organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights, and building a better future for people forced to flee their homes because of conflict and persecution. We lead international action to protect refugees, forcibly displaced communities, and stateless people.

World Marrow Donor Association

We work with our members to ensure reliable provision of life-saving cells while promoting patient and donor care and safety

International Federation for Intellectual Impairment Sport (INAS)

That Athletes With An Intellectual Impairment Across The World Have The Opportunity To Achieve Excellence In Sport And High-Level Competition

Board of European Students of Technology

Board of European Students of Technology is a non-profit and non-political organisation that since 1989 strives to improve communication, cooperation and exchange opportunities for European students. The mission of BEST is to help students achieve an international mindset, reach a better understanding of cultures and societies and develop the capacity to work in culturally diverse environments. To achieve this mission BEST offers high quality services to technology students all over Europe. These services include a European engineering competition, academic courses, career events and events on educational involvement. BEST offers these events in 96 European Universities, spread among 34 countries, reaching over one million students, with the help of 3300 members. It is BEST's mission to provide complementary, non-formal education in every event that it organises. This to make sure that the students that are reached grow to their full potential before they enter the job market. It is essential for BEST to show students the value of complementary education, not only to widen their perspective on the technology topics covered in their studies, but also to teach them the needed soft skills. To begin, these soft skills are covered in BEST's events by bringing students together with its two other stakeholders, universities and companies, and letting them dialog. Secondly, BEST provides specific training sessions to teach students how to acquire these skills in a safe and stimulating environment among peers. Lastly, this is done not only towards outside students, but also towards BEST's own members. By letting them organise events after they had a thorough knowledge transfer and did some in-depth training sessions, they acquire a lot of hands-on experience that makes them valued assets on the job market. In all this soft skill acquirement, there is one thing that makes BEST special: everything happens in a culturally diverse environment. BEST's volunteers really learn how to cooperate with project members from all over Europe and also the outside students are introduced to a specific mindset that BEST likes to call 'the BEST spirit'. This means that everyone works together, respecting each other's backgrounds, to achieve a common goal: empower students and give them a voice in today's society. For this donation campaign BEST would focus on the educational involvement that it stimulates among European students. It is namely very unique that an organisation run by students offers their peers a voice by collecting data in surveys and events and presenting that data to the relevant authorities. BEST, therefore, attends a lot of conferences about education to be able to share our outcomes to the fullest. We hope to raise some donations in this campaign to be able to carry out next year's planning around the theme of Digital Literacy. This theme focuses on how prepared students and universities are for the upcoming digitisation wave. It raises the question of how we will learn and teach digital skills and how industry 4.0 will make its way into our education. For this program BEST invests in conducting surveys, doing symposia on education and writing scientific papers with the purpose of disseminating the outcomes. It is not the first time that BEST is going to conduct such an Educational Involvement Programme. Last year, for example, the theme was 'Diversity in STEM education' and the years before we covered topics such as pedagogical skills, new teaching methods, relation between university and industry, etc. So what were the steps BEST undertook to create all the materials around last year's topic? First, a team was created to do research on existing literature about 'Diversity in (STEM) education'. Based on that research a survey was created in which 4 diversity types were tackled: cultural diversity, ethnic diversity, gender diversity and students with disabilities. Then, after the answers of the survey were gathered and analysed, the subtopics for the BEST Symposia on Education were identified: in this case, each symposium had a different diversity type. The same team that worked on the content creation of the symposia also prepared and delivered the sessions of those symposia. After the events, the input of all the participating students is gathered in a scientific report, which is then either published in conferences, or disseminated through social media and newsletters. The approach used last year proved to be a successful one and will be repeated in this year's Educational Involvement Programme. If we manage to get more funds via Global Giving, this will mean that we can elaborate this process and spend more resources on content creation, promotion of the surveys and dissemination of our results. In short: we will be able to make a lot more noise in the educational world.

Global Changemakers Association

Global Changemakers works to an unshakable mission of supporting young people to create a positive change towards a more just, fair and sustainable world. We do this through skills development, capacity building, mentoring and grants.

LIBERA Croatian Association for Education,Entrepreneurship and International Cooperation

OUR MISSION IS: education, entrepreneurship and international cooperation Summary During 2012 I quitted my job in a Bank, which I was doing almost twenty-six years because the question of financial certainty was imposed as a priority I decided to change something because I knew that the job I was doing was not something I wanted to do for the rest of my life During 2012 experts in the Liberal academy in Ljubljana , Slovenia encouraged me and helped me in the development of ideas I spent some time on the Institute of Employment during 2012, where I was confronted with many problems but instead, chose to look for opportunities Unemployment gave me the possibility to realize new ideas. Through my workshops I teach my participants how to think like entrepreneurs and also how to avoid bureaucracy First I opened GOTA, a small business for marketing and consulting and after that I opened Association for education, entrepreneurship and international cooperation LIBERA It took almost 7o days to open a business, which at first demotivated me, but I told myself not to give up I realized that the future entrepreneurs do not have adequate information, regardless of the number of agencies and all kinds of services that put in our offer to help My idea was to invent a workshop for unemployed people to help them in starting business. I called my workshop WE CREATE OUR OWN BUSINESS. In a period of five days I teach them about developing ideas, strategy, company, expenses, business plans and supporting activities from employment office. And also in the workshop I gathered all the knowledge from my first entrepreneurial steps. I feel that I'm fullfilling my mission as a person, and as an entrepreneur. Especially, when I see my students on the first day of the workshop totally demotivated, opposite to the last days of the workshop where they become interested in making their first steps in business Until now there had been held 4 workshops in August 2013 in CISOK centre (of Croatian Employment Office), address Knez Viseslav 7, Zagreb, which were attended by 55 women, age 20- 55 Until now there had been held almost 133 workshops during 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 in a Centre for Culture Tresnjevka, which were attended by cca 950 men and women, age 20-55 By current informations cca 30% of the attenders started their own business. Starting a job in Croatia is not easy, and for that reason a large number of young people left their country.This is one of the reasons that we focus our activities on children and on the development of projects that will promote entrepreneurship at this time, as well as the development of projects that will address the issue of mental health in children due to their dependence on mobile phones and other techniques.