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Equality Now

Equality Now creates linkages between the voices and experiences of women and girls and the governmental, community and private institutions that govern their lives; mobilizes national and international public pressure on behalf of their stated needs; and brings together individuals and organizations sharing this common vision of human equality.

Global Fund for Women

We are a global champion for the human rights of women and girls. We use our powerful networks to find, fund, and amplify the courageous work of women who are building social movements and challenging the status quo. By shining a spotlight on critical issues, we rally communities of advocates who take action and invest money to empower women.

Humanitarian Resources International Foundation (stichting Humanitaire Hulpgoederen)

To collect supplies from donors and distribute to people who live in disaster area's or in poverty.

Fundatia CMU Regina Maria

The mission of the Regina Maria Social Innovation Foundation is to help people in need through sustainable projects and programs in the fields of health and education, keeping the balance between the material and the spiritual part. Since 2010, the Regina Maria Social Innovation Foundation offers medical services to persons belonging to vulnerable groups, in precarious material and housing situations. There are people who are unable to access medical services and be treated due to lack of income and health insurance. The Regina Maria Social Innovation Foundation coordinates 2 social medicine facilities that have offered over time over 60,000 free or moderate medical consultations and investigations to a number of approximately 18,000 people who had no other treatment solution for complex health problems. Baba Novac Social Polyclinic was established in 2010 in response to the needs of socially marginalized people, without income and without medical insurance. Their social situation limits their access to primary care services, encourages the occurrence of chronic diseases and social exclusion. The educational projects of the Foundation (3 Educational Centers: in Baneasa, Clinceni and Corbeanca) aim at developing the abilities of children from disadvantaged backgrounds and offer guidance, assistance and opportunities for community involvement. Over 70% of them come from disadvantaged backgrounds with a high risk of dropping out of school.

Fifty Shades of Aid

Fifty Shades of Aid CIC is an online community and global network that supports professional aid workers, and helps them meet the challenges that come with this line of work. We provide a protected online space in which aid workers can discuss these challenges frankly and honestly, find support from peers and access appropriate expertise. We also campaign for better safeguarding of aid staff at work. Fifty Shades of Aid CIC also provides members with additional services such as newsletters, personal action resources, support to individuals in need and access to providers of key services.

Fundatia United Way Romania

Since 2004, United Way of Romania (UWRo) has been supporting social programs and initiatives that improve the lives of children, adults and the elderly in need. Our work focuses on the three directions that lay the foundation for a thriving community: access to quality education, good health services and a sufficient income to support a family. UWRo works as a community organizer, mobilizing an extensive network of community partners - NGOs, companies, public institutions, civil society leaders, donors and volunteers - to coordinate their efforts to produce a collective impact. Our vision is that of a world where every community is strong, has jobs that ensure a decent and stable income, good schools and a healthy environment. Around the world, we engage people and organizations in innovative solutions that make this vision a reality. United Way of Romania mission is to improve the quality of life in our communities through individual giving, corporate giving, and volunteerism. Objectives of our work: To engage more companies and individuals in CSR, philanthropic and volunteering activities. To enable social services NGOs to offer higher quality services to our community members. To promote transparency and professionalism. To support government institutions and the civil society in their efforts to build prosperous communities. United Way Romania's activities are based on the "Live United" principle, founded on the certitude that, together, relevant actors and community members can contribute to a better life for everyone: quality education leads to a stable job, provides a decent income that can support a family and a good health.

Asociatie Autism Voice

Our mission, since 2008, is to develop and provide, at the national level, the best specialists and the best programs for the recovery and integration of children with autism spectrum disorders, behavioral or neuro-psychic, the two centers of Our recovery being the standard of professionalism in the field. Each year, we support more than 400 children with autism spectrum disorders in the recovery process. The programs designed for them are complex and include all the steps necessary for a normal life. We try to help them in all the stages necessary for recovery - from the initial psycho-behavioral assessment, the implementation of adapted intervention plans, to specialized therapy programs in home-based centers and those of social integration. Families are supported annually in the process of recovering their children - parents are helped step by step to understand how to support their child, how to communicate with him and benefit from free courses, counseling, psychological counseling and financial support. Autism Voice is the first association specialized in the recovery of children with autism that introduced in Romania the possibility of a specialized training of therapists. Every year, the courses we hold are aimed at all those directly involved in the recovery of children - parents, teachers, psychologists, ABA specialists. Over time, over 4.100 parents attended the free courses, 3.000 psychologists, specialists and over 2.000 teachers participated in the training programs.

Asociatia eLiberare

eLiberare is a Romanian organisation focused on preventing human trafficking & sexual exploitation. Our mission is to build a social movement against human trafficking. Our main goal is to equip people to prevent human trafficking in their own communities. Our priorities are five-fold: 1. PREVENTION EDUCATION We decrease the risks of trafficking by making people aware of the issues and empowering them to prevent trafficking in their own communities. We do not only target vulnerabilities, but also seek to spark peer-to-peer prevention initiatives in schools and at community level. 2. CAPACITY BUILDING We resource and equip people through specialized training sessions, such as seminars for social workers, school teachers, police officers, business owners, church leaders and others. Our approach not only targets first-responders, but also non-traditional actors who are leaders within their communities and know the situation firsthand. 3. EXTERNAL ASSISTANCE We come alongside state and private shelters and transition homes that help restore and reintegrate victims and survivors of human trafficking into healthy communities. Whether it's targeted donations or gifts, or mentoring programs that result in survivor-lead resources, our team invests in generously giving back to those who drive our work. 4. STRATEGIC ADVOCACY We create opportunities which bring people together from different sectors of society like businesses, non-profits, governments, schools, churches, arts and media in order to facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to address human trafficking. Our goal is to ensure better legislation that protects victims and counters the culture of impunity, nationally, at a EU-level and globally. 5. AWARENESS EVENTS We proactively go towards those vulnerable and those prone to using services of trafficked individuals in order to inform them about the phenomenon. Our main goal here is to bring the topic into the mainstream, in a respectful and constructive way. To reach this objective, we create online and offline events in order to reach as many people as possible.

Teatrul Vienez de Copii Copiii Joaca Teatru

Dezvoltarea abilitatilor de comunicare ale copiilor, in diverse domenii: literatura, arta, teatru, pentru a le dezvolta creativitatea si a-si largi orizontul de cunoasterea. e. V.

Labdoo is a non-profit global platform where people around the world collaborate to bring unused laptops loaded with powerful educational software to needy schools using CO2-neutral means. Labdoo is a global collaborative project founded in 2010 with the dream to make education accessible to every child on the planet by repurposing computer devices. Since then, Labdoo has spread to more than 135 countries helping more than 600 thousand students through hundreds of hubs and thousands of volunteers that engage by collecting, preparing and bringing educational devices to more than 2000 schools globally. Everyone involved in the Labdoo Project is a volunteer and none of our members receives any remuneration for the time contributed to the cause, other than the satisfaction of seeing the joy of a child receiving education. We are just ordinary people working for an extraordinary cause. Join us!


Since 2014, in Climb Again we offer climbing therapy and guide the steps of people with disabilities and deficiencies to self-esteem, independence and social inclusion. The approach is an integrated one combining climbing sessions, physiotherapy, psychological counselling and play therapy. We have 2 climbing facilities in 2 cities of Romania (Bucharest and Iasi) and 7 climbing walls in our partner schools (special schools for visually impaired children).

Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Zrownowazonego Rozwoju Pro Ukraina

The organization was established as a result of a spontaneous initiative and willingness to help the those people who are in need, who suffered from military actions in Ukraine. Our mission is the permanent and balanced integration of Ukraine with the European Union through the implementation of current tasks and long-term activities in the form of, among others: - Humanitarian actions - Social projects - International cooperation