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Friends of Humanity
Friends of Humanity

Friends of Humanity SA is a Geneva-based non-profit organization supporting initiatives and projects in five essential areas: - Human rights and dignity - Education and training - Healthcare and medicine (including alternative medicine) - Environmental protection and conservation - Microfinance

Global Changemakers Association

Global Changemakers works to an unshakable mission of supporting young people to create a positive change towards a more just, fair and sustainable world. We do this through skills development, capacity building, mentoring and grants.

Water Air Food Awards (WAFA)

WAFA's mission is to acknowledge, certify and share sustainable water, air, and food solutions worldwide. At WAF Awards we believe that addressing the world's most acute problems, like ending hunger, preserving clean air and bringing water to every human being, starts with acknowledging people who develop solutions that are proven to work. We strive to identify exceptional pioneers in sustainability initiatives and share their stories across multiple platforms, aiming for global reach. We celebrate them in a magnificent Awards event at a different location each year, giving them the visibility they deserve to inspire change and gather support to scale and replicate their solutions. WAFA's goal is to become a mainstream platform that mobilizes the global public in the selection of Award winners. Together, we bring to light the good deeds in the world and spread a genuine message of hope.

GlobalGiving UK
GlobalGiving UK

GlobalGiving UK aims to support non-profit organisations through providing access to funds, tools, networks and learning opportunities.