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Make Life Skate Life

Deeply rooted in skate culture, Make Life Skate Life (MLSL) seeks to nurture grassroots skate communities. Since 2013, we have developed community skatepark projects in India, Bolivia, Jordan, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Nepal, Morocco, Iraq and Brazil that have impacted the lives of thousands. Together with local communities, we build safe, accessible, free-of-charge skateparks. After construction of skateparks, we help with the implementation of skate programs that aim to include females, disadvantaged and refugee youth, and use skateboarding as a tool for teaching cross-cultural communication, creative self expression and resilience to underserved youth populations. The goal is that our local partners take full ownership and independently run the projects in the long-term while acquiring enough skills to lead their next projects.


Escola Estadual Tecnica Fronteira Noroeste, como instituicao educacional, desenvolve avancos importantes para influenciar no comportamento de todos que nela atuam, principalmente o nosso educando e indiretamente o produtor rural para que se conscientizem e ponham em pratica as recomendacoes conservacionistas no cotidiano, como instrumento indispensavel na exploracao racional da propriedade e no meio em que vivem, visando sempre a qualidade de vida. Esta e a preocupacao que embasa a filosofia da Escola: "Oportunizar ao cidadao do meio rural a formacao da consciencia critica e participativa, para o desenvolvimento de uma agricultura ecologica, diversificada, autossustentavel e transformadora". A partir desta otica, a Escola acredita que a producao de alimentos e bens de consumo extraidos da terra ou da pecuaria, mesmo que tenham que aumentar vertiginosamente a produtividade pela imposicao do mercado, havera de caminhar de bracos dados com a preservacao do meio ambiente.

Fundacao Lar Harmonia

Its mission is to "Contribute to the awakening of self-awareness and self-determination of the Human Being" and aims to be a self-sustaining institution that offers services at a level of excellence, mobilizing employees and the community served, transforming them into beneficiaries and multiplying agents in the process of building a fairer, more loving, egalitarian and harmonious society.


Contribute to the defense, promotion and guarantee of the rights of children and adolescents at risk, aiming at the social emancipation of their families.

Instituto Vovo Chiquinho

Contribute to guaranteeing the rights of children, adolescents and their families.

APAE Brazil

Promote and articulate actions to defend the rights of people with disabilities and represent the movement before national and international organizations to improve the quality of services provided by Apaes, from the perspective of the social inclusion of its users.

Associacao UmRio OneRio

UmRio works to end intergenerational poverty in Morro do Castro, and support other vulnerable communities around the world do the same UmRio is an evidence-based development programme that supports children and youth at every stage of their learning, from the cradle to graduation. Through a 5-pillar development model centred around rugby, education, job-readiness, healthcare and social support, UmRio provides children, young people and their families with the conditions they need to take charge of their futures, rather than have them defined by the circumstance they were born into.

Futebol da Forca Foundation

Futebol da forca [football gives strength] is an independent international foundation, educational platform and community for purpose-driven football coaches. The organisation was founded in Mozambique in 2012 to work within football to empower girls with agency to make informed decisions and live a life they value. Futebol da forca engages, trains and supports voluntary football coaches to empower girls within football, while changing attitudes and norms that today prevent girls from reaching their full potential, in order for girls to thrive far outside the football field.

Instituto Federal Goiano

The Instituto Federal Goiano (IF Goiano) seeks to promote quality professional education, aiming at the integral formation of the citizen for the development of society.

Centro Cultural e de Assistencia Social Ilso Jose Webber

Promover o desenvolvimento economico, social e humano dos cidadaos de Coxilha levando informacao, conhecimento, acesso a alfabetizacao e tecnologias em informatica. Despertando tambem a consciencia para a preservacao do meio ambiente, atraves do cuidado com o lixo domestico.

Global Vision International Charitable Trust

Working with local grassroots charities and NGOs in 13 countries across the globe, the Global Vision International (GVI) Charitable Trust manages and raises funds for numerous long-term programs. These funds are used to support our local partners with the aims of alleviating poverty, illiteracy, environmental degradation and climate change. We do this through education, nutrition, conservation and capacity building. Our work focuses upon 3 key objectives: awareness, impact and empowerment. The aim is to create awareness of global issues, have a direct impact on those issues locally and empower our alumni, be they volunteers, donors, staff or community members, to continue impacting local issues on a global level.