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Teen International Media Exchange
Teen International Media Exchange

In the wake of September 11, 2001, a group of Los Angeles media instructors and professionals gathered to discuss the tragedy. They were determined to “go global” and make a major, long-term impact on the world community.The Teen International Media Exchange (TIME) was born, and found a home at the Media Academy at Grover Cleveland High School in Reseda, CA, where two of the founders teach.Today, TIME is a non-profit organization with an explicit mission: to empower the energy of teenagers and the dynamic power of the media to create a peaceful, cooperative world community.

GlobalGiving UK
GlobalGiving UK

GlobalGiving UK aims to support non-profit organisations through providing access to funds, tools, networks and learning opportunities.

Amelie, z. s.
Amelie, z. s.

Amelie has been providing psychosocial support to oncology patients and their relatives since 2006. We are the only organization in the Czech Republic, which systematically and professionally provides support to the target group. The organization is based in Prague, Central Bohemia region, Olomouc and Liberec region. Amelie offers individual and group advisory, therapeutic, relaxing, active and motivational activities that promote social integration of patients and their families - to help overcome social isolation in which the disease gets them and return them to an active life, or even to work if possible. The organization aims to create support Centres for cancer patients and their loved ones in each region of the country. Amelie is patient association and it does support medical care but do not replace it in any point. Rather it complements it with other special activities, with respect to all the professions. Apart from the Centres Amelie also operates "Amelie Line", volunteer program in hospitals and Centres, conducts education in psychosocial field and a number of individual projects in support of the target groups.

People In Need

We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization based on the ideas of humanism, freedom, equality, and solidarity. We consider human dignity and freedom to be the basic values. We believe that people anywhere in the world should have a right to make decisions about their lives and to share the rights expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We strive for open, informed, engaged, and responsible society that would be able to address problems at home as well as in the world. We want to actively participate in shaping a society where cultural, ethnic, racial, and other differences are a source of enrichment rather than conflict.

Pontes s.z.

The Pontes Institute has several areas of action. The most important include long-term formation of youth and families, as well as education and dialogue in the media institutions. The main objective of the institute is to contribute to solidarity between people regardless of their age, religions, national or racial affiliation and social status. Therefore acts in the educational, social, cultural and cultural-spiritual areas. Range of\nactivities of Pontes is wide due to the relatively large circle of supporters, the main emphasis is on youth work. What we do: The formation and education of youth, which is implemented through informal (regular meetings of the various youth groups organized at home or study) and then through formation activities that focus on personal development and support young people through dialogue, education for solidarity and peace and openness towards different cultures, different social structures in society and different nationalities in order to contribute to a united world.

Spolek Hura na Vylet!

The basic mission of the association is that the innovative form of getting in touch with seniors creates a unique opportunity to effectively implement preventive outreach activities for the group of seniors who are alone, vulnerable and without access to information important in old age. This, among other things, builds on research and findings demonstrating the level of violence against seniors. As part of the activities of the association, seniors meet with their peers as well as young volunteers. At the same time, they are actively involved in projects, which leads to their self-realisation and and spending their time in a meaningful way.\nWe provide direct service to seniors and persons with disabilities. We are a non-profit organization that enables those who are under-resourced or have a disability to spend their free time in a meaningful way. We want to show that we are not a generation that wants to profit from the elderly, but rather to give back to society.

Základní škola a Praktická škola Svítání

Provide a project description and specify the charitable purpose for which the funds will be used. Include\nwhat the project will do (activities/services) and what it will change (goals and outcomes). Include project\njustification, and explain the issue or need that the project will address - include any available data or\nstatistics that support the need or issue addressed.

Nadace Charty 77

We help. Anybody. Anytime.

Česká Krajina o.p.s.

Our mission is to transform the landscape so that it retains islands of biodiversity large enough for rare species to survive, while restoring the landscape's ability to capture water and sequester carbon. At the same time, they will become the target of considerate tourism.

Czech Basketball Federation

Develop of basketball in Czech republic, organization of domestic leagues, representing of basketball in international federation FIBA

Agency for Migration and Adaptation AMIGA, z.s.

Our mission is to promote inclusion and communication between migrants and host society and to promote a healthy and harmonious lifestyle at the international, national, community, family and individual level. \nOur aims include empowerment of migrants and refugees in topics of social security, education, labour market and right to healthcare, prevention of social isolation and discrimination.