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GlobalGiving UK
GlobalGiving UK

GlobalGiving UK aims to support non-profit organisations through providing access to funds, tools, networks and learning opportunities.

Awrad Association

Clown Me In, known as Awrad Association, was created for the purpose of spreading laughter, providing relief to disadvantaged communities, addressing trauma, discrimination and environmental problems and abuses through clowning, laughter and social therapy workshops. We also aim to take the arts outside of the capital, giving disadvantaged and/or rural communities access to arts and culture. Clown Me In has worked around the world, in Mexican, Lebanese, Palestinian, Indian, Brazilian, Moroccan, Jordanian, Syrian, Greek and British communities.

The City Red Cross Society of Zagreb

The main goals of the City Society of the Red Cross Zagreb are:\n- alleviation of human suffering, in particular that caused by armed conflicts, large natural, environmental, technological and other disasters with the consequences of mass casualties and epidemics\n- contribution to the improvement and protection of health, disease prevention and raising health and environmental awareness\n- encouraging and promoting solidarity, promoting volunteering and mutual assistance and social assistance security of citizens\nGDCK Zagreb approaches the goals of respecting the rights and freedoms of every person, regardless of race, color skin, sex, religion, political or other belief, national or social origin, property, birth, education, social status or any other distinguishing criteria.

Zaklada Solidarna

The mission of the Foundation is to use the foundation's assets and income derived from those assets, as well as other revenues collected through the Foundation, to contribute to the development of philanthropy, humanitarianism, solidarity and other forms of social support for the promotion and protection of human rights, understood in accordance with the fundamental charters and regulations of the United Nations, the Council of Europe and the national legislation.