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Volunteers Around the World

Volunteers Around the World (VAW) is a humanitarian organization and social enterprise devoted to improving the standard of living for those that live in some of the most poverty stricken communities of the world. Our focus is to provide communities with access to medical, dental and veterinary treatment, medication, nutritional security, clean water and health education.

Salvation Centre Cambodia

SCC will develop a committed staff team to work through a network of monks, nuns and other local and national stakeholder groups to develop capacity, reduce vulnerability and provide a range of supports for people living with HIV/AIDS and their families, so that they are able to claim their rights and improve their lives.

SeeBeyondBorders UK

Our vision is to empower a generation of Cambodian children through education. Our mission is to provide the best possible start to early grade education through access to quality teaching and learning at school. The need for our work in Cambodia stems from the horrors of the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s, which systematically destroyed the Cambodian education system, killing a large proportion of its teachers and demolishing schools. The effects are still felt today, with only 55% of girls and 52% of boys progressing to secondary school (USAID). What is more, 51% of teachers never completed high school themselves, and they leave teacher training colleges poorly equipped to teach effectively. This means that they tend to teach traditionally - 'by rote' - which does not promote exploration, deep understanding of concepts, or student engagement. Poor quality teaching is the single biggest reason for school drop-out and this is why we focus on improving the quality of teaching in classrooms. We do this through teacher training workshops, the introduction of ongoing peer-mentoring, and the development of professional communities of practice.


femLENS' mission is to visually educate and make technologically aware the most vulnerable and resourceless women of our society through documentary photography made accessible by mobile phone cameras and cheaper point and shoot cameras.

Habitat International Coalition

The Habitat International Coalition (HIC) is the global network for rights related to habitat. Through solidarity, networking and support for social movements and organizations, HIC struggles for social justice, gender equality, and environmental sustainability, and works in the defense, promotion and realization of human rights related to housing and land in both rural and urban areas.

International Centre for Research in Agroforestry

To harness the multiple benefits trees provide for agriculture, livelihoods, resilience and the future of our planet, from farmers' fields through to continental scales.

Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice exists to end modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society. Hope for Justice operates in nineteen locations in the following countries: UK, US, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Uganda and Norway. Our activities include: victims rescues, victims centered-support and advocacy, training frontline professionals to identify the signs of trafficking, community awareness training, short-term emergency accommodation provided to victims, community-reintegration initiatives, and communities economic strengthening through self-help groups.

PEPY Empowering Youth

"Connecting Cambodian Youth to the skills, opportunities, and inspirations needed to reach their potential." This is the mission of PEPY Empowering Youth, a local non-profit (NGO) focused on educating and empowering youth in underserved and remote communities outside of Siem Reap city. With their team's intimate understanding of barriers affecting students' ability to move onto higher education (many team members are former beneficiaries of PEPY's projects), PEPY staff often become student's first role models while building their capacity to achieve their dreams through academic, technical, and professional training- enabling them to make changes they wish to see in their communities. Through PEPY, students' rates of moving onto higher education and obtaining skilled employment are increasing. PEPY's approach to education development is different because they focus on high school and higher education students, an age group often overlooked, while targeting remote areas where higher education is uncommon and often financially impossible. PEPY's programs are comprehensive and go beyond typical scholarship programs, guaranteeing that students graduate and all of them find jobs while they are still in school.

ODC Organization

Our Mission To provide quality values-based English education to under-privileged children and youth in rural areas of Cambodia and equip them with the skills to access opportunities for employment. Our Vision To use English education as a bridge to build a community of shared values in Cambodia, where people work together, to improve their family's economic conditions and enable them to make contributions back to society as a whole. Our dream is to transform lives of the youth in Cambodia so that they can play a part in making this world a better place for future generations of Cambodians and people of the world. Our Objectives 1. To provide quality English education that focuses on the four macro skills 2. To instil values in our children and youth so they develop ethics to build a strong society in Cambodia 3. To equip the youth with the skills to access opportunities for employment and as a result lift their families out of poverty.

Impact Metrics and Stories
Great Heart Charity Association

Our mission is to be the charity platform to connect contributors, volunteers, and beneficiaries with the end result being making charitable giving a part of everyone's life. For contributors, we are here to help the contributors to give charitably and deliver help to their preferred and most needed beneficiaries. For beneficiaries, we aim to provide substantial help to people who are less fortunate, with the goal to assist them to be self-sustained and be able to contribute back to the society. For volunteers, we aim to influence and inspire so that when you think back over your life, you will find that the moments that stood out are moments when you did something to help a person in need.

Mission Dove Cambodia

Emerging leaders are identified across religious boundaries and discipled through mentoring, and the facilitation of learning in creative, safe communities so that they can bring encouragement and empowerment to all their contexts.

Terra Renaissance

To raise awareness of our responsibility to the next generation through our programs, and respect and practice a simple life style considering a sustainable environment for the future generation in order to achieve our common goal, world peace.