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Stichting Vrienden Voor Mekaar

Foundation "Voor Mekaar" is a small organization that provides a home where young people with mental and / or physical disabilities can live safely and where they can participate in society. As Foundation Friends of "Voor Mekaar" we want to provide support where social services and public funds are not sufficient or not available. "Voor Mekaar" distinguishes itself by the unique personal way of coaching, where the young people themselves are the starting point. "Voor Mekaar" can be translated in 2 ways: "for each other" and "it's ok"

Fondation de France

Focused in supporting a modern, effective and global philanthropy.

Humanitarian Resources International Foundation (stichting Humanitaire Hulpgoederen)

To collect supplies from donors and distribute to people who live in disaster area's or in poverty.

De Special Social Club

The Special Social Club believes in a world without limitations! Our mission is to lower the barriers in today's society, so that people with a disability also enjoy full participation within our society. We provide a social platform where basic rights such as sports, dancing, social interactions and dating are also basic rights for people with disabilities. We are building an inclusive world. Will you join us?

Fundacion Ana Bella para la Ayuda a Mujeres Maltratadas y Madres Separadas

Mission: Co-Create a society free from violence against women. Vision: Women survivors acting as social change-maker. Values: Empathy, Sisterhood, co-creation, love, empowerment and positive testimonies . Ana Bella Foundation's objective is to represent, defend and support women victims and survivors of gender violence and their sons and daughters, to achieve their personal empowerment towards a dignified life in equality.

A'DAM Music School

A'DAM Music School's mission is to make music education available for young talents, children and teenagers (aged 10-21) living below poverty lines in Amsterdam. A'DAM Music School strives to reduce the effects poverty has on the many aspects of our student's lives by introducing them to music, and through music creating opportunities and growth. We believe every child and teenager has the same rights to discover and develop their talents. Our dream for the future is that our students enrich the city with their own sound, melody and character. We are happy if our students, by making music, get more ownership of their lives and their career-path.

3x3 Unites

3X3 Unites: We believe that major developments arise by embracing the small. We believe that inspiring and supporting young people in a healthy and sporty way leads to a better world. We do this by being a source of inspiration (top sports performance, exemplary organization and making (basketball) accessible to all athletes), by using our knowledge for the design of the public domain (outdoor courts), but above all by offering leadership programs to young people (life-skills development), to create jobs and to allow them to develop and implement 3X3 activities themselves in the neighborhood on squares, within the schools, through associations, youth organizations and others who need them. We strive for an inclusive sports climate in which gender, origin, level of education, orientation and limitations to perform regular sports are not important. 3X3 is pre-eminently an accessible and inclusive form of sport. Stichting (foundation) 3X3 Unites is founded on August 3rd 2016 in Amsterdam. Currently we are still based in Amsterdam. In 2019 3X3 Unites reached more than ten thousand of young people in the Netherlands, Libanon and Botswana. We have the ambition to reach tens of thousands on site of young people worldwide by 2021 and are proud to start the partnership with the Nike Foundation - Made To Play already in 2020. We look forward to start April 2020 and keep on developing in Amsterdam and after this globally in the coming years with all our partners.

Triggerise Stichting

Our Vision - 'A world where all youth have the power to choose where, when, and how they meet their sexual and reproductive health needs.' Our Mission - 'A next generation non-profit that is exponentially more efficient at delivering scalable and verified SRH impact for sub-Saharan African youth.'

Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure

We aim to make the digital world safer by reporting vulnerabilities we find in digital systems to the people who can fix them. We have a global reach, but do it Dutch style: open, honest, collaborative, and for free.

Stichting Project Fearless

Our Mission: Girls, Going Places To enable more girls to become scientists, engineers, builders, makers, creators or to get to the top of any ladder they wish to climb. We want to equip girls with the tools to succeed in any aspect of their lives by plugging the gap currently left by society. By enabling girls to define how they see themselves from scratch, we will, in turn, rewrite how the world views girls in general.

Stichting Mentelity Foundation

Motivation to move! Stimulating and inspiring children and young adults who live with a physical and mental challenge is what moves us. We want children and young people to become the best version of themselves. That is why we motivate them to get moving and chase their dreams. No matter how big the first step is. Being able to overcome, grow and develop is the essence of a good life for us. Day in, day out, we work on solutions and possibilities with future prospects and opportunities. Together we make a difference for others with our initiatives, programs and products. We ensure relevance and inclusion. The mentality of Bibian Mentel, multiple internationally awarded Paralympic top athlete, forms the foundation for our actions. Her physical and mental handling of cancer has empowered us to complete the movement we have started.

Fifty Shades of Aid

Fifty Shades of Aid CIC is an online community and global network that supports professional aid workers, and helps them meet the challenges that come with this line of work. We provide a protected online space in which aid workers can discuss these challenges frankly and honestly, find support from peers and access appropriate expertise. We also campaign for better safeguarding of aid staff at work. Fifty Shades of Aid CIC also provides members with additional services such as newsletters, personal action resources, support to individuals in need and access to providers of key services.