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Backup Uganda

Backup Uganda's mission is to promote and provide individual attention for learners in Uganda, particularly for learners with learning challenges.

GlobalGiving UK

GlobalGiving UK aims to support non-profit organisations through providing access to funds, tools, networks and learning opportunities.

Stichting Kinderhulp Afrika/Nafasi Welfare Centre

It is a christian relief organisation that provides help and support to the most vulnerable children in Uganda.

Move Forward Foundation

Move Forward is a dance, basketball, rap program to uplift traumatized children. Our coaches work in refugee camps, shelters and slums. We believe movement and music are effective ways for coping with trauma.

Stichting Richard Krajicek Foundation

The Krajicek Foundation enables children in underserved communities to play and practice sports together close to home on so-called Krajicek Playgrounds. Thanks to the expert and constant supervision on the Playgrounds, children get a chance to develop themselves in a positive way, in a safe environment. This way they become an inspiration to other children in their neighborhood. Together with our partners we contribute to a better future of youth in the Netherlands, and to a sporty, social society. Krajicek Foundation. No child sidelined.

Stichting Bio Kinderrevalidatie

AI 95 years Stichting Bio takes care of the child with disabilities and their relaxing time. Bio knows how important it is for the child and his parents, brothers and sisters to find relaxation. Leisure outside the tiny world of the child. Relax in a place where the handicap here is paramount and where the child rash can enjoy with his family from a vacation in a comfortable natural environment and activities that bring joy, comfort and connection. Bio sees this child loved going out. Bio let the child discover that there is more than the familiar walls around him. Bio wants the child can play safely and brash in the air, which makes it fun with a healthy blush on the cheeks. Along with his parents, brothers and sisters.

ZAP Foundation

To support children in one of the most rural areas in Zambia by (see above) and give them the opportunity to education and a better future. Healthcare by building mother waiting shelter by clinics ZAP has given more than 20.000 the chance to go to school

International Step by Step Association

The International Step by Step Association (ISSA) is a network that connects professionals and organizations working in the field of early childhood development. ISSA’s community today stretches across the globe with 90 member organizations in 42 countries, primarily in Europe and Central Asia. ISSA’s mission is to ensure equal access to quality care and education for all young children from birth to 10 years old. To achieve this mission, ISSA promotes high quality and professionalism in early childhood services for young children, by engaging with the ECD field, developing resources and building capacity among its membership and beyond. Issues related to quality, equity, parenting, the workforce and inter-sectoral approaches in early years services are at the core of ISSA’s work. ISSA also brings to this partnership its long-term experience of serving as a catalyst, convener and facilitator of a learning community for ECD in Europe, Central Asia, and beyond.

Stichting Sensing Clues

Sensing Clues provides best-of-industry data-driven methods and technologies to turn wild spaces into safe havens.

Charity Bosnian Kids

Charity Bosnian Kids is a non-profit organisation supporting children in Bosnia who are disadvantaged by poverty. Many kids in Bosnia are disadvantaged by poverty. Children receive a daily lunch at school only if their parents pay for it. Unfortunately, many parents cannot afford to pay for the school lunch, as poverty is a huge problem in Bosnia. Many children consume at least half of their meals at school, and for many, food served at school may be the only food they regularly eat! Your donation will deliver daily lunches to those children whose parents cannot afford to pay, making sure they are not excluded from the lunch at school. With a donation of $10 you will provide a daily lunch for one child for one month. A donation of $77 covers all lunches at school for one child during the whole year. Make a difference today. 100% of your donation goes to the children, as the operational costs are covered by the founders.

ASAP Foundation

ASAP aims for a sustainable improvement of the economic, social and health conditions of villagers in Burkina Faso. To secure the future of the current generation children, ASAP has a strong focus on the development of the children, their parents and their environment. This is accomplished by projects in the fields of education, knowledge, health and economic means.

European Federation of Food Science and Technology

- Provide a sound and independent European platform for all food professionals (students, researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, consumers) for the enhancement of food science and technology. - Interact and form alliances with all related disciplines and bodies in food and associated sectors to efficiently speed up the needed changes - Address the needs of professionals, such as job opportunities for young scientists, innovation pathways for SME’s, transparent and clear expert knowledge for consumers etc. - Create a European network for knowledge transfer and revealing the rich and diverse European food culture and the contribution to global value chains.