Boost Your Impact with DonateStock: A New Way to Give 📈📣

September 28, 2023

We are excited to announce our new partnership with DonateStock, which streamlines the stock gifting process for donors and is now available for all 2M+ nonprofits in the Pledge database! DonateStock’s integration with Pledge helps donors make tax-advantaged stock gifts with ease 🎉Stock donations now join Pledge’s growing list of simple and free ways to donate, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, cryptocurrency, all accessible for free with no contracts and subscriptions.

Did you know appreciated stock represents $100 billion in potential funding? With this new partnership, nonprofits benefit from larger pre-tax gifts along with the tools, automation, and support needed to scale stock gifting. Nonprofits can also expand their giving options by unlocking new options for major gifts, just in time for the biggest giving season of the year 🎁.

How it Works: Simplifying the Stock Gifting Process! 📈

Through this partnership, DonateStock’s Easy Button for Stock GiftingTM is now an embedded option in Pledge’s platform, enabling donors to give (and for nonprofits to receive) stock without the hassle. Once a donor chooses the “stock” option, DonateStock will initiate the stock gift, liquidate the stock, acknowledge the donor via email notifications, and distribute proceeds to the Pledgeling Foundation, which will remit payment to the nonprofit. This partnership makes it easy for nonprofits to easily receive stock gifts - no expertise or brokerage required - and a win-win for both nonprofits and donors.

Research shows that nonprofits who consistently receive gifts of stocks grow their donations 6x faster than those who receive only cash. When you allow donors to donate stock to charity, you enable them to avoid capital gains tax on stocks — in fact, this adds to big savings for donors and larger gifts for nonprofits. As seen in the illustration below demonstrating the benefits of stock gifting, when a generous donor gifts $2,500 worth of stock, the donor will save a remarkable $1,250 in capital gains.

Join us with DonateStock to empower nonprofits to easily diversify their funding sources through Pledge. To learn more, download our 1-pager about nonprofit stock donations here.

At Pledge, our mission is power generosity. We believe in offering flexible donating options that include Venmo, PayPal, ACH, Bank, Crypto, and now Stock, to make giving easy and accessible. Join us in creating a brighter future by supporting the causes you care about. Start today by signing in to your free Pledge account here 🎉 and let's make a positive impact together!