Celebrating a Life Well Lived – How Online Memorial Pages Through GatheringUS Bring Grieving and Giving Together

July 23, 2019

When someone we love dies, a part of us dies, too. The loss of a loved one is beyond painful. The passage of time transforms the pain, making it less acute, but the loss is felt forever.

When I was a very young woman, I lost my father. I cried so hard I thought my head would explode. I cried until I couldn’t physically cry anymore. It was awful.

And then it got worse, because I realized my family and I had to share the terrible news with our extended family and friends. Over and over again.

I also realized we had to begin the painful process of “Planning a Funeral”. It didn’t go well.

Many years later, when my mother passed away, we faced the same situation yet again. Her old, flip-up sliding A-Z address book was the only resource we had to reach out to all of her people. It was an uninspiring tool for gathering her tribe together to say a final farewell.

But you must gather.

Gather your loss.

Gather your love.

Gather your US.

If only there had been a place to help my family gather.

A place like GatheringUs – A dynamic hybrid of online memorial service, event planning, charitable giving and crowdfunding all in one. A special place where they help you to gather all your jumbled emotions and turn them into a beautiful memorial celebrating a life well lived.

Yes. This. Exactly this.

GatheringUs also provides a way to Gather your Giving.

Though flowers are lovely, they quickly fade. But giving goes on. Giving Grows. Most people today would prefer to see a more active, long term impact from their gift of love and support. This is why having the option to make a donation to their loved one’s favorite charity, cause or organization is so important.

There are two types of donation options offered by GatheringUs:

1. Personal donations, or “Crowdfunding” for funeral/medical expenses

2. Charitable donations to any nonprofit of choice

Pledgeling is honored to partner with GatheringUs and power their charitable donation option on all memorials. Pledgeling assists with all the details and tracking involved, making it nearly effortless for donations to be given to whatever cause was dear to your loved one’s heart.

Did you know:

• Charity donations made through Pledgeling are tax deductible.

• Immediately after contributing, donors will receive a donation receipt by email from Pledgeling, and the creator of the memorial is notified about all donations as they are made.

It couldn’t be any easier.

GatheringUs also provides checklists and planning resources with supportive information/links to help you cope, such as:

• Tactics for working through grief

• Setup a free obituary in 30 seconds

• Quickly & easily share event details with everyone

• Create groups to coordinate logistics (food, ceremony, etc.)

But most importantly GatheringUs helps you, your family and friends share their deepest love and respect for that special departed soul. They help you gather your “Us” and celebrate a life well lived!

Want to learn more about how easy it is to GIVE BACK? Do you have a cause that’s near and dear to your heart? We can help guide you through it all at Pledgeling. Let us show you how we’ve simplified the entire giving process. We even offer Apple Pay, so now you can give with just the touch of your finger! We are committed to the passion of purpose and helping companies big and small simply and easily give back while growing their business. Contact us and let’s talk about the possibilities.